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PS4 Will Hit 100 Million Units Faster Than Wii – Game Rant

One of the most discussed topics among players revolves around the commercial success of game consoles. Having become typical products for home in great abundance over the past decades, it is interesting to see which consoles are the ones that predominate in the videogame market. For example, the switch is currently considered a booming console and even two months after its release it is said that it possibly coincides with the Wii in sales. However, beyond that, Sony's PlayStation 4 console can surpass the Wii record of 100 million units sold faster than the familiar brand console.

Daniel Ahmad, principal analyst at Niko Partners, studies trends, fluctuations and other financial aspects of the videogame market, specifically in Southeast Asia. A leading analyst of the gaming industry, Ahmad has previously shared other financial findings, such as the fact that Anthem sold less than Destination in the United Kingdom retail. However, recently on Twitter, Ahmad posted a chart showing the sales of several consoles beyond its launch.

Although the results were not totally impressive, the chart compares the sales of PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Wii and Switch. According to the report, it turns out that the Xbox 360 was the worst sold of the group, with the shipment of 60 million units six years after its launch, while the PlayStation 3 was distributed about 70 million units in the same amount of time . The first PlayStation had shipped almost 80 million units, landing just behind the Wii, which had shipped around 95 million units in six years and would reach more than 100 million units. The PlayStation 2 reigns, however, after having sent approximately 100 million units to the sixth year in the market.

As seen in the chart, the PlayStation 4 is about to pass the sales of the Wii. It is also worth noting that it is selling more than the PlayStation 2 at the same point in its life cycle. The switch is on par with the sales of the PlayStation 4, although with a somewhat negative outlook implied that Nintendo cut the sales forecasts of the switch, the momentum could change in favor of the PS4.

Ultimately, it seems that Sony is winning the day in this generation. Nintendo does not seem to be in a deadlock with them these days, which may only be temporary. In addition, this chart excludes sales of Xbox One, but the focus seems to be on the impressive performance of the PS4.

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