Proven falsification of flight to the moon: Armstrong spoke concerning the “conspiracy theory”


The examine’s writer a conspiracy theorist and different service Marcus Allen.


In the 50-60-ies of the final century, two States-the leaders of the United States and the Soviet Union within the so-called Cold battle had been on the stage of the area race. The topic of the dispute was the supremacy of the implementation of the lunar mission. Despite the truth that de facto drive the opponents had been equal, 20 July 1969, the American mission “Apollo 11” efficiently landed on the lunar floor. Astronomers Neil Armstrong, buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins grew to become members of a historic occasion for mankind, writes the Daily Star. “In the midst of the space competition in the 50-60 years between the US and USSR was a race as to who will carry out the first manned lunar landing. USA was the first” signed picture of the mission “Apollo 11” NASA on its official web site.

British writer the Daily Star printed the outcomes of a examine of archival supplies of the tutorial mission of nosovtsev who carried out the conspiracy theorist Marcus Allen. As the writer writes Joshua Applicant, after 48 years there are nonetheless individuals who don’t imagine that Americans landed on the moon. “The administration of John F. Kennedy with NASA deceived the world”, writes the Daily Star.


So, the principle purpose why the mission “Apollo 11” had no likelihood of realization, was the affect of the radiation belts across the Earth. Marcus Allen says: attributable to the truth that the fluxes are so sturdy on this space, the human physique in such circumstances could be unconditionally killed and American astronomers couldn’t notice the scientific challenge remains to be in its preliminary stage. According to the location conspiracy theorist introduced the outcomes of its multi-year examine of the mission “Apollo 11” on the Glastonbury Symposium. In the 27th annual convention of Allen in his report stated: “I do not believe that man landed on the moon. If NASA or anyone else can prove it, I’m waiting to hear it. If in 1960-ies it was so easy to realize this mission, after America it could exercise at any time Russia, Japan, India and even North Korea.” Despite the truth that the credibility of the NASA encourage extra confidence within the members of the scientific convention, the Glastonbury Symposium, badysis Marcus Allen could be very common on the Network. His web site about conspiracy theories, written by Allen himself, has a 1.1 million viewers.


The conspiracy theorist believes that natovtsy acknowledged the mission “Apollo 11” will not be attainable, however not directly. “If you are reading scientific information NASA, you know what they say about the technological problems. They just don’t report that they have a similar problem existed at that time”, writes the Daily Star, citing the phrases of Marcus Allen. However, the criticism there have been those that denied his phrases. An worker of “Discovery News”, physician of astronomical science Amy Shira Teitel reported that NASA specialists have taken into consideration the detrimental results of the Earth radiation belts (named the van Allen belt) through the implementation of the mission “Apollo 11”. “To control radiation exposure during the flight, each member of the crew endured on himself the dosimeter on Board his spaceship. And these readings confirmed, that NASA made a good choice and protect their astronauts. At the end of the program, the Agency has determined that its astronauts have avoided the large radiation doses that many had feared”, says Amy Shira Teitel in Discovery News.


Beth O’leary, Professor Department of anthropology University of recent Mexico, printed his treatise known as “the Final mission: the preservation of the sites of Apollo NASA”, which explored Nosovsky mission from the standpoint of area archaeology. “The astronauts “Apollo 11″ knew that they had made a giant leap for mankind. But they probably did not understand that create lunar heritage that should be preserved for future generations,” stated Beth O’leary. To such conclusion the researcher after learning the bodily proof of the particular implementation of the mission “Apollo 11”.
The researcher Mao Kan at a scientific convention in China voiced their issues about the truth that in spite of everything nosowska the mission was faked by the White home administration, and filming distinctive photographs was carried out in a cinema corridor. On the boots of the astronauts should not seen cosmic mud, and a United States flag on the lunar floor dissipates beneath the affect of atmospheric flows. In apply, that is unimaginable, in accordance with Mao Kan. Moreover, the researchers visually seems to be very freely, which isn’t typical for the floor of the satellite tv for pc, says hi-news.


The phrase of Neil Armstrong in 2012 gave a overview on the actions of the NASA Malley by Alex (Alex Malley), the Executive Director of the Association and of the Australian licensed practising accountants (CPA), wherein he stated: “I have serious concerns about the policy directions of the space Agency, under the control of the administration. In the United States there is a situation in which the White house and Congress are unable to agree on the future direction of development and play games, and NASA performs the role of a shuttlebad on that beat that with one, on the other hand, trying to direct the space Agency on the right path”.


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