Protests in Lancaster after fatal shooting of man armed with knife: DA

Protesters took to the streets in Lancaster, Pa., Just hours after police shot the man who shot them on Sunday, authorities said they captured the video of the body “threateningly” with a knife. had gone.

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The Lancaster District Attorney’s Office said the investigation is in its early stages. But videos surfaced online that showed protesters outside Lancaster Police Headquarters and called for accountability.

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The office released a statement on Sunday night stating that a 27-year-old man was shot and killed, Ricardo Munoz was armed with a knife and pronounced dead at the scene on Sunday evening.

The office said Movies Munoz is shown leaving a house and pulls out a knife in a threatening manner.

“The officer then fired,” the statement read. “No one else was killed.”

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District Attorney Heather Adams said, “Police-involved shootings have a significant impact on a community, as we gather on the streets in large numbers.” “However, I am asking that the investigation continue.

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