Prosecutors say Rittenhouse was seen out on bail with members of the Proud Boys

According to the accused, 18-year-old Kyle Ritenhouse, who was accused of badly shooting two protesters during a protest in Wisconsin, was seen drinking alcohol with members of the distant Proud Boy group.

The Washington Post reported that Rittenhouse was spotted by state prosecutors at a bar where the 18-year-old was wearing a shirt that read “Free Eff —” and socialized with known members of the group.

In a motion this week, prosecutors asked a judge to ban Rittenhouse from drinking alcohol, which is legal for 18-year-olds in the state under parental supervision, and from socializing with the group. It was not clear whether Rittenhouse’s parents or a legal guardian were present at the bar.

According to the Post, the proposal read, “Defendants’ consistency with members of a group who take pride in violence, and the use of their symbols increases the significant likelihood of future harm.”

Members of the Proud Boys regularly confront leftist protesters in public demonstrations. The group’s leader was arrested in Washington, DC, just before the mob in support last week President TrumpDonald Trumpcutton: The Senate lacks authority for impeachment litigation, with Marjorie Taylor Green, once in Trump’s office, stating that she will present articles of impeachment against Biden ICE’s executive director, weeks after assuming office. The US Capitol violently stormed, killing five people.

Ritenhouse pleaded not guilty to murder last year on murder and weapons charges amid protests over the treatment of black Americans by police. Rittenhouse insisted that he acted in self-defense during the incident.

He was out on a $ 2 million bond.

Jury selection for his trial begins March 29.


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