Prosecutors say Grislin Maxwell is secretly married

Ghisleen Maxwell has secretly married – and refusing to disclose her husband’s name, the prosecution heard the accused Madam’s bail this week.

The blast was detailed on Tuesday, as Manhattan prosecutors accused him of deliberately hiding the extent of his money.

“Apart from failing to describe in any way the proposed cosigner’s absence of the subsidiary bond, the defendant also makes no mention of the financial circumstances or property of his spouse whose identity he refused to provide pretrial services , “Assistant Attorney Alison Moe told Manhattan federal court Judge Allison Nathan during a video conference.

“There is no information about who will co-sign this bond or their assets, and no details,” Moe said.

Maxwell’s lawyers asked him to sprinkle on a $ 5 million bond.

Prosecutors convinced the judge that Maxwell is at risk of “extreme” flight if he is released on bail, claiming that he used a fake identity to buy his huge New Hampshire hideout, Lied about overall wealth and spent the last year hiding from the authorities.

Nathan refused to bail for the British socialite, sent him back to the Metropolitan Detention Center and pending his trial, which was scheduled for next July.

Maxwell was dismissed on July 2 in a six-count indictment, accusing her of recruiting and grooming young women to be sexually abused by her one-time boyfriend and Jeffrey Epstein.