Prosecutor: Capital rioter aims to ‘take hostages’

Prosecutors say a retired Air Force officer who was part of the mob that blew up the U_S_ Capitol had applied plastic zip-tie handcuffs because they meant “taking hostages.”

FORT WORTH, Texas – A retired Air Force officer who was part of a mob that came to the US Capitol last week put plastic zip-tie shackles because he intended “to take a hostage,” a prosecutor said in a Texas court Thursday. Said to

“That means taking hostages. They mean maybe kidnapping, restraining, trying, maybe executing members of the US government. Assistant US Attorney Jay Weimer described retired Lt. Col. Larry Rendall Brock Jr., who was without explanation.

The prosecutor had argued that Brock should be detained, but Magistrate Judge Jeffrey L. Curran said he would leave Brock imprisoned in the house. Curtan ordered Broke to surrender any firearms, saying that he could only use limited Internet access as the conditions for that release.

“I need to put you on a very short rope,” said Cureton. “These are strange times for our country and the concerns raised by the government do not fall on deaf ears.”

Brock appeared in court in a light green jumpsuit, with a mask on his hands and feet.

Weimer did not elaborate a specific plan by Brock, but noted “his prior experience and training make him more dangerous.”

He also read the court’s social media posts from Brock, including a post on the day of the Capitol riot, stating: “Patriots on the Capitol. Patriots are required to shoot men in their own way with hurricane guns. “

Brock was arrested on Sunday during a deadly riot on the Senate floor in Texas wearing a plastic zip-tie handcuff wearing a helmet and a heavy vest. The 53-year-old is accused of intentionally entering a restricted building or ground with no legal rights or committing violent entry and disorderly conduct on the Capitol Ground.

Brock’s attorney Brooke Antonio II said Brock has only been charged with rape. Antonio said that there was no direct evidence of Brock’s doors or windows being broken to enter the Capitol, or doing anything violent while he was inside.

“It’s all a matter. This is all speculation and conjecture, ”said Antonio, who noted Brett’s long service in the military, including his reactivation after September 11 and his four visits to Afghanistan.

Weimer said Brock would face additional charges.

More than 100 people have been arrested in the Capitol riot, ranging from curfew violations to theft and possession of weapons to serious federal felony.

The FBI is investigating whether some rioters planned to kidnap members of Congress and hold them hostage.

Before his arrest, Brock told The New Yorker magazine that he found a zip-tie cuff on the floor and that he planned to give it to a police officer.

“I wish I hadn’t raised those people,” he said.

No evidence has been offered that Brock’s gun was on the day of the capital riots.

Antonio asked an FBI agent who was testifying whether it was possible that Brock had merely lifted the cuff, and the agent admitted that it was a possibility.

Weimar said Brock’s posts mentioned far-flung and anti-government oath keepers and Three Percenters, a loose-fitting anti-government network that is part of the militia movement. Oath guards claim to count thousands of current and former law enforcement officers and military veterans as members.

The FBI agent, however, testified that there was no evidence beyond social media posts that Brock was involved with any of those groups.


Associated Press writer Jamie Stengel contributed to this Dallas report.


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