Promising Young Woman and The Crown’s Emerald Fennel

Emerald Fennell at the 2020 Golden Globes

Emerald Fennell at the 2020 Golden Globes
Photo: Frazer Harrison (fake images)

Promising young woman it feels like a brave superhero movie. It has an intrepid heroine with a taste for revenge and exciting action scenes. So it should come as no surprise that Oscar nominee Promising young woman director and writer Emerald Fennell He has now been announced as the writer of the long-awaited DC movie Zatanna for Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Term broke the news and noted that it is not yet known whether Fennell will also direct. No details have been shared about what the plot will entail, either.

DC Comics’ Zatanna first debuted in the November 1964 issue of Hawkman, created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson. She is a stage magician who actually has magical powers and at one point in the comics she joined the Justice League. His father, Zatara, was the one who taught Batman everything he knows about the art of escaping from baddies, which is why Batman and Zatanna have been friends for a long time. He even makes an appearance in Batman: The Animated Series. Zatanna was also romantically involved with fellow superhero magician John Constantine. The character got his first live-action performance on SmallvilleEighth season, played by Serinda Swan. Now that Zatanna’s movie is official, we’ll just have to wait to see who will play the magical heroine.

Fennel is currently nominated for three Academy Awards for write, direct and produce Promising young woman—As well as an award from the Screen Actors Guild along with his co-stars from The crown, in which she plays Camilla. FenneThe stellar year of his plays comes on the heels of her stint as a writer and showrunner on Killing Eva, which earned him two Emmy nominations in 2019.


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