Projected salary cap costs for the Steelers' main team, Devin Bush


After having heard that his name was chosen for the first round of the draft of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2019, Devin Bush will soon become a pretty rich young man. And thanks to a sliding scale for rookie contracts agreed upon under the terms of the CBA, the former Michigan linebacker should already have a good idea of ​​how much the Steelers recruited will earn him.

Using the figures generated by, we can now also calculate how much it will cost Bush the cost of Pittsburgh for the duration of his rookie contract and how it will affect his salary cap position this year. A number that will be much greater than it would have been if the Steelers had remained in the No.20 selection.

Bush is projected to earn a total of just under $ 19 million as part of a four-year agreement that will include a signing bond worth around $ 11.75 million. Like all players selected in this year's draft, you will receive a base salary of only $ 495,000 in the first year.

By climbing 10 places in the first round, Pittsburgh has cost $ 6 million more than it would have had to pay a selected player with the 20th choice, and about $ 1.2 million more in 2019. However, it's worth noting that exchanging their second draft pick in the second round will have saved them a contract for a total value of $ 5.5 million, one that would have come with a cap of just over $ 1 million in the first year.

By costing the Steelers less than $ 3.5 million against this season's top, Bush will actually only use about $ 2.86 million in salary space after the trip. As a first-round draft pick, Pittsburgh will also have a fifth-year option on its contract under current CBA rules.

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