Programmer Gutka runs doom using electronic pregnancy test

Yes, You Can Run the Idood / Ion An Electronic Pregnancy Test - Butt's Three Big Catch Illustration

Photo: Dolgi Olesa (Shutterstock)

ID Software’s ability to run classic first-person shooter Has become a rite of passage for practically any gadget worth its salt. And when i do like To say that we can welcome electronic pregnancy tests in unlikely halls Apocalypse Peace (with right) ATM, Nokia phone, And the piano) I’m afraid that, Finally, She Only half truth.

Yes one specially defined programmer did Get up the game and Running but only After practically palpating the entire equipment. sEmantics aside, however, It is still cold as dirt.

Over the weekend, California-based programmers Foaming turing deployment of Many videos The engineering upside to their progress is a similar electronic pregnancy test. After some heavy tampering, they managed to play Viral mem video Like Rick Astley’s “Never Gone You Up” and “Bad Apple !!!” From there Touhou Project Series on the device as well as a clip from 1993 Apocalypse And of 2011 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But on Monday, Fawn lifted the east significantly.

“Yesterday I received a lot of retweet and reddit posts to play Doom on a pregnancy test,” He tweeted. “But as I explained then, it wasn’t really running on a pregnancy test, it was just a video being played back, not an interactive game. Well, it is now. This pregnancy test is doom!”

You can see it in the close-up below. This description is kind of hard (it’s safe to say no gods intended it to be played on a small 128×32 pixel monochrome display), but, sure enough, they’re playing Apocalypse On an electronic Pregnancy test using a wireless keyboard.

How is this possible, you ask? Okay, it is not technically. As Fawn explained, they had to completely replace the device’s existing CPU, which cannot be resumed, and for OLED displays capable of showing more than a few lines for “pregnant” or “not pregnant”. Your LCD screen needs to be switched out.

In short, Foone is not playing Apocalypse They are playing, per se, on electronic pregnancy tests Apocalypse On the dissected husk of a-One fact he quickly explained:

“To clarify what I am doing here: it is a replacement display and a replacement micro-controller. I am not using any of the original testers other than Shell, “Fen Wrote saturday.

Nevertheless, an electronic twist Pregnancy test – which, as we learned last week, are Surprisingly low tech Gave his reputation for the best Accuracy – Essentially a small computer is absolutely Mad. John Romero, one of of Doom Much was said by original programmers, even a fan, after bringing Fenn’s efforts to his attention.

“Definitely unbelievable!” Romero Tweeted on saturday.