Producer of Ben Affleck ‘Hypnotic’ Su Chub Insurance Company – Deadline

Ben Affleck Action Film Producer Hypnotic Are suing their insurance company in expanding existing production coverage without including a new, epidemic-related clause.

HypnoticDirected by Robert Rodriguez and supported by Solstice Studios and Studio 8, was set for production in April. But the project, like almost every other film and television program, was postponed by the epidemic.

Hosego filmmakers bought a cast insurance policy from Chubb National which was valued at $ 58 million. The policy stipulates that if Affleck or Rodriguez became ill, died, or was otherwise unavailable, it would be repaid.

The lawsuit has been issued because Chube has refused to extend the expiration date of that policy to October 28, 2020, leaving production without coverage if it goes ahead.

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The trial will be the first trial on whether film insurers will be obliged to cover delays related to the epidemic. Hypnotic The policy did not originally carry a COVID-19 exclusion for Affleck or Rodriguez, and Hoosegow producers demand that a new clause not be added to any extension of the policy.

Produce “when Hypnotic COVID-19 delays the insured risks associated with the epidemic, Chubb National refused to extend the policy, ”said the complaint filed today in federal court against the insurance giant. “Instead, Chubb National offered to renew the policy only with a reduction in the contents of insurance. Specifically, Chubb National said the policy would be “renewed”, except for the exclusion applicable only to losses related to COVID-19, this would deprive Hozgo of the coverage he had purchased and promised under the current policy had gone. “

The complaint then offers an approach to reopen Hollywood in general.

“Hosegow has been informed and believes, and alleges on that basis, that Choeb National’s position and Hosego’s treatment are a pattern of practice and methodological and methodical course in which Chube National’s own financial interests at the expense of its insureds Has been engaged to protect. ’With disregard for interests and conscious disregard and the rights, interests, and reasonable expectations of its insurers.

The document requests a jury trial on the case.

Producers are now hoping to renew production in Vancouver in October. But they would not seek an insurance policy that would not exclude COVID-19, a situation they indicated in court papers that would likely cease production.

Read the full insurance suit legal papers here.