Processor: Sources say ‘not budding’ on yesterday’s claim of new iPad Air and Apple Watch

Yesterday, successive leaker John Prosser claimed that Apple was aiming for a press release of new products, aiming at 9:00 pm Eastern time on September 8. Prosser previously stated that the new iPad and Apple Watch models were planned to launch during the week of September 7, so they became the kind of products we should expect to see.

BloombergMark gurman Have some doubt However, rumor has it that tomorrow morning any news will “more likely” be an announcement about a virtual media event to unveil the next iPhone and Apple Watch.
With less than twelve hours to go by the time of the rumored press release, the processor is doubling down on its claim, saying its sources “don’t move or change their minds” and the new iPad Air and Apple Watch models K is expected to debut tomorrow.

Supporting their case, the processor Told earlier today Several Apple Watch Series 5 models are currently unavailable in Apple’s online store, with the assumption that Apple is reducing its stock of current models before an imminent update.
We’ve been watching the Apple Watch Series 5 stock levels over the past few weeks and seen many of them go out of stock, and the number of models affected seems to be increasing, but it’s hard to say if they point to one The imminent launch will take place tomorrow or perhaps within the next month.

In the past six months Apple has struggled with the supply of many of its products, leading to a global health crisis that not only affects production on time but also consumer demand for certain product lines.

Given the informality of the in-person media event to introduce new hardware and Apple’s entry that new iPhones will launch “a few weeks later” than normal days, we are in uncharted waters and not entirely certain whether How Apple will roll out several new products. Which are on the verge of launch. So stay tuned tomorrow morning, and we’ll see if Apple has anything to announce.