Processor Renders ‘Actual’ Airtags Design, Will ‘Likely Bee’ Announced Yesterday

Mixed-record leaker John Prosser today revealed a design-accurate rendition of Apple’s long-awaited airtag via a new video on YouTube channel Front Page Tech.

Apple is believed to be working on a tile-like Bluetooth tracking device designed to engage with objects such as keys and purses for tracking purposes, allowing users to find them directly in the Find My app is.

Processor’s 3D render is explicitly based on videos and images of “real AirTags”. He claims that he has not posted the original videos to protect his supply-chain sources.

There is no logo on the front of the device, and all product information is dug into a polished silver metal disc on the back. The final product is reportedly “just a tad larger than a bottle cap.” Design is not far from the design envisioned by many concept artists.

The device has no mounting system. The processor says that “a keychain that has a little leather bag on it that you can simply slide off your airtag” will be sold separately. BloombergMark Gurman had said in the past that the Airtag will be available in a small leather case.

The processor said the ultra-wideband U1 chip would greatly facilitate Airtag’s functionality, and that it would appear to make the U1 chip “the most if not all of their products in the future”. Part of their entire ecosystem. The U1 chip premiered last year on the iPhone 11 model, but despite improvements to AirDrop, its usefulness is yet to be realized.

The prosecutor said it was “likely” that the stated airtag would be unveiled with the HomePod Mini tomorrow. Both products are “technically ready,” and “in terms of production schedule, they are done, and possibly announced.” Previous leaks have suggested that airtags are already in full production, so an announcement made yesterday does not seem out of the question. The processor said he was not aware of retail pricing.

He also claimed that the iPhone 12 and AirPods Studio would not appear at Apple’s event tomorrow with Focus instead being on the Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air 4 and iPad 8.

Last week, Prosser leaked information about Apple’s expected low-cost Apple Watch, which is also alleged to be coming to Apple’s event tomorrow.

It is worth noting that the processor falsely claimed that the new Apple Watch and notiPadh models would be announced via a press release on Tuesday of last week, but on other occasions, they shared accurate information about Apple’s product release plans. Has

Prosser said he plans to make similar renders to show the design of .AirPods Studio in the immediate future.