‘Problem!’ Ends in a two-way tie, forcing a winner-take-all clue

Cydney Henderson

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“Danger!” Promised that “something crazy” would happen during Friday’s “Final Josh”! And the game show did not disappoint.

Friday episode “In danger!” The contest ended in a rare two-way bout between Jack Weller and Brian Chang, the two-day champions.

“In all the years I’ve seen #Danger, I don’t remember ever seeing a tie” Tweeted User @ meagansmith55

Both contestants came to the finals with $ 18,800.

“A lot rests on this last category and mldr; a very decisive ‘final’ Joffar ‘is falling into the idols category,” said Ken Jennings, guest host who died after pancreatic cancer Alex Trebek’s November Took over 80 hulls.

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Question: “Statues honoring this man killed in 1779 can be found in Weima, Kauai and In Whitby, England.”

Both Weller and Chang correctly guessed, “Who’s the cook?” And both contestants ruined everything they had, resulting in $ 37,600 and a tie.

To determine a champion, the two contestants faced everyone during a one-question-tie-breaker round on “History”. “In October 1961, Stalin’s body was removed from display in this other man’s grave.” . “

Chang first discussed with the correct answer to “Lenin”.

“Brian Chang, you’ve just won $ 37,600, and you’re in danger of our four-time ‘!” Champion with a total of $ 88,102, ”said Jennings. “What a wonderful game.”

Weller won a consolation prize of $ 2,000 for his second place.

Viewers @EmersonLotzia Referred to “One of the rarest and sharpest spectacles of the competition” as a tiebreaker. A tiebreaker was last held on 1 March 2018 during a regular, non-tournament game.

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