Pro-Trump Doctor Becomes Cold Shoulder from Amazon, Facebook

6:30 AM PDT 10/22/2020


Tatiana Siegel

Amanda Millius’ election-themed ‘The Plot Against the President’ has been handled by Amazon for nearly two weeks, while it undergoes a “content review”, such as Facebook rejecting an ad featuring the film.

With less than two weeks before the election, the distributor of a Trump documentary claims the film is being bolstered by Amazon and Facebook.

Corey Toussek, president and CEO of Turnkey Films, says he deposited Amanda Millius. Plot against the president On Amazon on October 10 for streaming for rental or purchase through the website as well as the Prime account. He was informed on 16 October that it was under content review.

Taek Tek reached out to the veterans and said that the timeliness of the doctor was noted given the November 3 election. He received a response stating, “We have no insight on ETA for the title. Thanks for your patience with us in the meantime. ”

Separately, Facebook is giving the film a cold shoulder. On October 10, Tusuke placed an advertisement for the social media giant for its newly launched streaming platform, Movie Plus. The advertisement included a poster Plot against the president. The next day, he was informed that the advertisement was rejected for trying to interfere in the election. He then presented a second advertisement, which featured thumbnail images of 10 movies available on Movies Plus. Plot against the president, And he was also deposed. Facebook spokesman said Three hearted A policy that requires advertisements about social issues, elections, or politics to take additional steps to become authorized.

Milius is a daughter of legendary screenwriter-director John Milius and the State Department, whose film is based on Lee Smith’s best-seller of the same name in 2019. Miles, who opted for the book as a manuscript last summer and stepped down from his post in early March, worked as deputy assistant secretary for materials at the State Department’s global public affairs bureau, shortly thereafter. Later started working as a doctor in secrecy. Over the past three months, he has interviewed critics of Rushgate including Rep. Devin Nunes, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Kimberly Guilofoyl, Mike Cernovich and Roger Stone, as well as General Michael Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell.

Ironically, Amazon continues to sell Smith’s book in various formats, including the Kindle edition.

Milius states that the film is available on various platforms including WeMo. However, there is no denying Amazon access. “if [Amazon] Dealing with all political films equally will be an issue, “she says.” But Amazon has a history of judiciously deleting films that do not align politically with its agenda. It has now been decided to slow down its release Plot against the president. ”

Tusuke says that he has released hundreds of movies on Amazon’s platform... and suddenly don, Which was Chile’s official presentation for the Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film in 2018. Turn Key has also distributed films through Amazon Prime in overseas territories, including the Bradley Cooper starrer. word. This is the first time Tusak can recall a title subject to “content review” to determine whether it is up to the standards of what it will allow on Amazon’s platform.

He says, “We have not had any problems with any title on Amazon till date. “” I think it’s a little ironic that the first title we’ve taken is a title that speaks of media corruption, bias, and censorship. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Amazon is a title Will cast a favorable light on Donald Trump. ”

Over the years, Tusuke has faced a problem with Amazon only if there was a technical issue with a file that was marked differently than a content issue.

He says: “We are not trying to be political. We provide a service and are trying to fulfill that service for our customer. But it worries me that we are going down a dark path, where only certain messages are allowed to be placed on the audience and only a few people have to pick and choose the messages we hear. It flies in favor of freedom to speak, and I believe it is for everyone regardless of your message or political affiliations. ”

Amazon recently took heat to ban Cernovich’s dock HoaxedA right-wing take on media bias. In fact, documentary filmmakers at both ends of the political spectrum have started complaining about censorship from tech giants including Michael Moore, whose environmental documentaries Planet of humans He was fired from YouTube in May.

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