Princess Latifa urges UK police to investigate her sister’s abduction 21 years ago –

Princess Latifa urges UK police to investigate her sister’s abduction 21 years ago

“In the summer of 2000, Shamsa ran away from the family’s holiday home in England. She was 18 … and in her right mind,” wrote Princess Latifa, who has also claimed that she is being held hostage, in a Letter sent to CNN by his friend David Haigh, an activist for his release and part of Detained International, a legal defense NGO.

“She was enslaved and oppressed and suffered physical abuse at the hands of her relatives … She wanted to apply for asylum in the UK, where she has relatives who live there permanently. After a few months, she was kidnapped … kicking the street and screaming. they reassured her and flew her back to Dubai, “Latifa wrote in the February 2018 document.

The princess added that her sister was tortured, “held incommunicado without date of release, trial or accusation.”

“She was tortured with batons at her feet, which is something that I myself experienced with my own imprisonment,” he wrote.

“His ultimate goal is to be an emancipated person, live with dignity, have freedom of choice and freedom of movement … He wants the basic rights that all human beings have,” continued the princess.

The princess said her sister has “strong ties to England” and was “illegally abducted, on British soil.”

“The only thing I ask is that you please pay attention to his case because he could get his freedom, which is the only thing he wants in life,” he added.

In a statement sent to CNN, Cambridgeshire Police confirmed that they received a letter “dated February 2018 in relation to this case, which will be considered as part of the ongoing review.”

The force also said it is investigating the recent BBC Panorama documentary, in which Latifa herself claims to be held hostage in Dubai.

The UK Foreign Office declined to comment on Thursday.

Dubai princess claims she is being held 'hostage' in secret video recordings

A recent statement from her family said that coverage of Latifa’s situation “does not reflect the actual position,” according to the UAE embassy in London.

The letter was obtained and turned over to the police by one of Latifa and Haigh’s cousins.

The group also submitted a “transcript of a series of video statements from Sheikha Latifa,” which were obtained by “smuggling, with great difficulty and danger, a mobile phone into Sheikha Latifa’s Dubai jail,” Haigh said in the letter. sent to police and shared with CNN, using its Arabic title.

“Contact [with Latifa] it was maintained for most of 2019 and 2020. Contact was lost in the second half of 2020, “Haigh said.

The group also claims to have evidence that a British citizen was involved in the kidnapping of Princess Shamsa.

“We were unable to deliver such evidence previously due to what we believed was an unacceptable risk to Sheikha Latifa’s life and safety. However, now that contact has been lost, we are deeply concerned for her life and safety and decided to take the plunge. to release the evidence obtained, “Haigh added.


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