Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s Australia Tour 1983 Photos

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In 1983, two years after their marriage, Prince Charles and Princess Diana embarked on their first tour together as a royal couple. Accompanied by his infant son Prince William, he traveled to Australia and New Zealand in an effort to increase the countries’ ties with the Commonwealth. As of season 4 Crown The show, he was welcomed by Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who was skeptical about whether the Prince of Wales could attract people from the country, according to the BBC HistoryExtra magazine. To his (Charles’s) surprise, it was Diana who won over the public.

Although the trip proved to be a diplomatic success, CrownThe tour’s interpretation highlights personal road bumps for Charles and Diana. She angered the public adorable for her, while she was jealous of her relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. Instead of being with them for a six-week trip, Diana also had to be able to bring a nine-month-old William with her and Charles. Her decision, which raised the Queen’s eyebrows on the Netflix series, eventually set a new precedent in the family. As we have seen with modern royals, Kate Middleton and Prince William have brought Prince George on tour, while Meghan Markle and Prince Harry bring their young son Archie.

See how through the photos here CrownThe depiction of events compares to the real thing. The show seems to have done a fantastic job to recreate some of Diana’s most memorable looks.

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March 20, 1983

Princess Diana takes an infant Prince William as he and Prince Charles arrive in Alice Springs, Australia.

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March 21, 1983

The pair are also known as Aires Rock, Ularu in Uluru National Park, Northwestern Territory, Australia.

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March 21, 1983

Charles and Diana walk in Yulu together.

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March 21, 1983

Charles and Diana meet schoolchildren in Alice Springs, Australia.

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March 22, 1983

Diana rides in a plane in a white blouse and blue skirt as she leaves Alice Springs.

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March 25, 1983

Diana waves while she and Prince Charles go hunting for the bushfire.

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March 25, 1983

Diana carries a baby pink number with a matching feather cap in Canberra, Australia.

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March 30, 1983

Charles and Diana attend a reception in Hobart, Tasmania. She wears a red Bruce Oldfield dress with the Spencer family.

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March 1983

Diana is wearing a blue ruffled Bruce Oldfield dress while dancing with the Prince of Wales in Sydney.

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March 1983

While visiting Newcastle, Australia with Prince Charles, Diana wears a light pink dress by Catherine Walker and a hat by John Boyd.

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March 1983

Charles and Diana arrive in Hobart, Tasmania. The princess wears a Bellville Sassoon suit and hat by John Boyd.

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8 April, 1983

The princess congratulates a well-wisher during a ride at the Hands Oval playground in Banbury, Australia.

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6 April, 1983

While driving through Memorial Oval in Port Pirie, Australia, Diana wears a John Van Velden suit and a hat by John Boyd. Charles smiles at the crown in a gray suit.

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7 April, 1983

In her most iconic look, a pink polka dot dress by Donald Campbell and a hat by John Boyd, Princess of Wales, Perth, welcomes fans to Australia.

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7 April, 1983

Diana smiled seeing the crowd gathered in Perth.

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14 April, 1983

Princess Diana wears a red polka dot at the opening of Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne.

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17 April, 1983

Dressed in a blue hat and a red print dress, Diana says goodbye and rides on the plane to leave Melbourne.

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18 April 1983

The Princess of Wales congratulates a Maori woman at the Eden Park Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand.

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April 20, 1983

Diana wears a dress designed by Emmanuelles dressed in a wedding gown at a state banquet in New Zealand. She was joined by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Robert Muldoon and Prince Charles.

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April 1983

Princess Diana and Prince Charles play with William in the government house gardens.

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