Prince William’s fearsome days echoed how he got ‘childhood loot’ on royal duty

Prince William felt burdened with royal duties as he was ‘robbed’ in childhood

Prince William’s suffering as a member of the royal family began just after his arrival in this world.

The Duke of Cambridge felt burdened with royal duties as he grew up, so much so that he began to believe that he had been ‘robbed in childhood’.

As a child growing up in a normal-to-normal family, William was initially very carelessly told of his royal fate.

The thought of becoming king someday freed Heer’s spine from shivering, who then simply wanted to live a simple life.

This is the reason why William, along with his elder son Prince George, has specifically banned himself from doing so.

Royal writer and historian Robert Lacey, who has recently written a book about the bomb blast Brothers fighttold Royally observed Podcast, “Interestingly we understand that, perhaps to this day, Prince William does not want his elder son, George, to know about his future fate.

“William felt that he had been told his fate very carelessly, it was just presumed. He was thrown without any preparation.

“It robs him of, in a way, his childhood,” Lacey said.

Historians then discuss the childhood of siblings to inherit the throne.

He said, “Britain has a tradition of heirs and frivolities. They are co-stars to begin with in life. Those of you who are older will remember the younger princesses Margaret and Elizabeth playing together. They both idolized Country and world.

“But then as Princess Margaret’s years of food chain dwindled. The same happened to Andrew and now it’s happened to Prince Harry.

“As soon as I was a child, they knew it,” Lacey continued.


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