Prince Philip seen behind the wheel two days after the accident

The duke's car after he was involved in the accident.

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The damage to the left side of the Land Rover could be seen after Thursday's crash

The Duke of Edinburgh has been seen driving a new Land Rover two days after being involved in an accident on a road near Sandringham, Norfolk.

It is said that the Daily Mail and The Sun images show Prince Philip, 97, driving alone on the Sandringham property.

A new Freelander, the model that the Prince was seen driving, was delivered to Sandringham on Friday.

Prince Felipe was unharmed in Thursday's clash, but two women were injured.

The duke was in collision with a Kia. The driver, a 28-year-old woman, suffered cuts, while a 45-year-old pbadenger broke her wrist.

A nine-month-old boy in the Kia was unharmed.

A Palace spokesman confirmed that the duke "had no troubling injuries" after a visit to the hospital for a check-up.

He also said that contact had been made with the occupants of the Kia to exchange "good wishes".

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The Duke was traveling alone in his car when the accident occurred on the A149.

Roy Warne, who saw it, described the duke's vehicle "advancing, tumbling down the road and ending on the other side".

He said the duke had been "obviously shaken" but had been able to stop and ask if the others involved in the incident were all right.

Mr. Warner said he heard the duke tell the police he had "dazzled by the sun".

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Title of the mediaPrince Philip's shock: Roy Warne describes the consequences

Norfolk police said Thursday's incident will be investigated "and that appropriate action will be taken."

Chris Spinks, who led the Norfolk road monitoring team for five years, said the real would not be "favored" in the investigation.

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