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Talked to Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams The Duke of Sussex has suffered from the beginning of his marriage to the turning point in the coronovirus epidemic. At the time of his engagement with Meghan Markle, the nation was supporting the duke’s new life with his wife, but the creation of various factors forced the royal couple to withdraw from their senior royal roles earlier this year. .

In an unprecedented announcement released in January last year, Harry and Meghan revealed their intention to “be financially independent” while continuing to fully support “Her Majesty the Queen”.

Mr Fitzwilliams said: “Prince Harry was quite popular at the time of his engagement. He had a special place in the heart of the country since Diana’s funeral.

“And, I think, it was a marriage that had tremendous promise, written by some people.

“There was tremendous enthusiasm at the time of engagement and marriage.

“Naturally, he was under Meghan’s protection and there is no doubt that one of the legacies of her mother’s tragic death is her intense dislike of what she remembers as a ‘media intrusion'”.

“However, the fact remains that within two years, a marriage that promised so much did not succeed until they only had to return the steps.”

“It is deeply sad and I think there are many reasons for this.

“One reason that has come out most notably in recent months is that she was very unhappy with royal life and considered it as her odds.”

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However, following their move to Los Angeles, the unexpected outbreak of a global epidemic meant that the couple had to postpone the launch of their upcoming projects, including their charitable organization, Archwell.

Mr Fitzwilliams said: “But Harry is now at a crossroads because it is unclear what his role is going to be.

“They are waiting for the end of the epidemic before launching the non-profit charity organization Arkelvale.

“But there is no doubt that this is her area and this is where she feels happy.

“This is his home and also where his voice, speech and engagement are.

He is on home ground. He is very happy.”

But the epidemic crisis meant that Prince Harry is facing the uncertainty of not knowing when his next visit to the Palace will be.

“There’s no question that Harry felt head-heels in love with Meghan, but I think there’s no doubt that it’s taking him to an area in his life that he thought That will never happen.

“Queen 94 and Prince Philip are 99 and due to the epidemic he will not see them for some time and it is unclear what the future holds for him.”

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