Prince Harry News: Duke topple Royal by Pierce Morgan for Netflix deal amid Crown feud news

The popular royal drama depicts the life of the royal family through the years, with the fourth season falling in the previous week. Series four depicted the troubled marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, which led to a fight with royal insiders.

One accused the show of “pulling things that happened during a very difficult time”.

He told the Daily Mail: “This is not right or fair, especially when a lot of things are portrayed that do not represent the truth.”

Now, Pearce Morgan, who has won the most recent series of accolades with acclaim, is out for his relationship with Prince Harry on Netflix.

Was produced for Crown, and distributed by the popular online streaming service.

The host of The Good Morning Britain commented on how Prince William is called “angry” on the show by his parents Princess Diana and Prince William.

However, he claimed that Prince Harry does not share “these same views”.

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At the same time, the columnist said that he did not blame Netflix for making the play “highly entertaining”, adding: “I believe that the play should not stick rigidly to the facts to tell the story.”

Other analysts disagreed. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam has claimed that Harry and Meghan “will claim that the show uses a theatrical license”.

He told The Sun: “As a portrayal of the family, I doubt they can even sympathize with some of it.

“And of course, the couple were very sad as senior members of the family.”

The show’s producer, Peter Morgan, has admitted that he was shown “events” on the show, and told the Times: “You sometimes have to give up on accuracy, but you should never give up on the truth.”

Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle were reported to have signed a multi-year agreement with Netflix in September this year.

It is understood that the two Roys will make the documentary and feature films part of the deal.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said in a statement: “Our focus will be on creating content that informs, but also gives hope.”

The streaming service is believed to have around 200 million subscribers worldwide.

The Royals deal with Netflix came about half a year later when he stepped in as the senior royals and moved to Los Angeles.

They currently live in the California area of ​​Santa Barbara, having left LA in the summer.

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