Prince Harry: Frogmore Cottage Renovation Cost Paid

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The Duke of Sussex has paid the cost of renovating Frogham Cottage near Windsor Castle.

The estimated cost of £ 2.4m in 2018–19, was covered by taxpayers through sovereign grants, but the Duke and Duchess said they would repay it when they withdrew from royal duties.

Prince Harry’s spokesman said he paid the bill in full by contributing to the grant.

The property will be a UK residence for Duke and his family.

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This comes after the days when he announced that he had signed a deal with Netflix to produce a series of programs, some of which he might appear in.

The multi-year deal will include documentaries, din-series, feature films, scripted shows and children’s programming.

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Frogmore Cottage sits in a secluded location on the Queen’s Windsor Estate in Berkshire

Frogmore Cottage must have been a beautiful home family. Instead it becomes a reason why, ultimately, Harry and Meghan leave the official side of Britain and the royal family.

The cost of renovation in 2018–19 – £ 2.4m, with more to come after this – provoked critical comment, and a wave of largely misleading stories about the money that was spent.

The way the couple was setting up their first place together and building a house for their child was according to what they thought was inappropriate and rude remarks.

For decades, taxpayer money has been a sticky subject for the Royal family; This is a point of purchase for critics, who point to Sovereign Grant and the cost of security, and ask if the monarchy lives extravagantly and provides value for money.

In the conversation of the couple stepping back from royal duties earlier this year, money was – essentially – a serious issue.

It was Harry and Meghan who announced that they would pay the cost of renovating Frogham Cottage. A line is drawn in this way, and the couple may experience themselves to be free from the obligations they once had redeemed under them.

And Frogmore Cottage stands not empty, but a lone memorial to a sad chapter in the royal story.

A Duke spokesman said of the repayment: “This contribution, originally offered by Prince Harry, has fully covered the necessary renovation costs of the estate of Frogham Cottage, Her Majesty the Queen, and the Duke and his family. UK residency. ”

Last year’s royal accounts showed the renovation cost £ 2.4 million and was covered by the grant.

It is the money given by the government to the queen and pays for the salaries of the royal houses, official visit and maintenance of palaces.

Harry and Meghan agreed to return the money as part of plans drawn after the senior working royals stepped down in March.