Prince Harry expressed surprise at BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing


Prince Harry made a surprise appearance on the BBC strictly Come Dancing Saturday evening, literally popping in via video chat to her friend’s rehearsal.

The Duke of Sussex called JJ Challers during one of his training sessions with dance partner Amy Dowden, ever since he and wife Meghan Markle stepped in as senior members of the royal family earlier this year. Appeared in Harry’s first public appearance.

“We’ve got someone here who wants to see you,” Dodon said when Harry was called to the show – the UK version dancing with the Stars – To which Challers replies, “You’re joking!”

“Good body JJ!” Harry, 36, teased Chalmers.

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Chelmers’ appearance on the hit dance competition show marks the latest stage in a remarkable journey when she suffered fatal injuries to her hands, face and legs while working with the elite Royal Marines in Afghanistan.

During his prolonged recovery, the Chealmers – who also sustained a broken neck and ripped earrings when an improvised Explosive Device (IED) burst onto patrol – volunteered for Harry’s Invictus Games, in 2014 In the first event Troy became the captain of the cycling team and lifted. A gold medal.

“When I first met JJ, he was a shell himself,” Harry said during his cameo strictly. “But then to let you shine through Invictus and be like yourself again – it was the beginning of a wonderful journey.”

“The simple fact is, if Prince Harry hadn’t made the Invictus games, I wouldn’t have changed the catalytic moment that changed my life forever,” Chalars said while talking to the camera, “I would be here without him I will not stay. “

Chris Jackson – WPA Pool / Getty Prince Harry with JJ Challers

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He told Harry, “You know that your vision of going to the games was to take this coitus of individuals and send them away so that they could have an impact on society.”

Harry then teased his old friend, saying, “You’re definitely making an impact on society now. Especially when you’re wearing those tight blue shorts!”

Chellmers later shared that Harry, a fellow veteran, “is a friend like no other.”

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Speaking to one of the show’s presenters, Claudia Winkleman, after her dance, reflected on the importance of challers Getting to wear your Royal Marine uniform For Saturday’s performance.

“I was given permission from the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defense and the Royal Marines actually got a new set for me. It means everything to me. “I was doing the same for anyone who has worn a similar one tonight, and I hope I have not disappointed them.”

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