Prince Harry and Meghan Markle settled down: Here are 3 tips on how to play the matchmaker

Friends can be the best dating algorithm, especially when you have a high profile and jumping on Tinder might be too public a search.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who were created by Jimmy Kimmel, recently received their third child. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, established by Anne Hathaway, often relate to each other in public.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be the greatest of the big names. And now, according to E! News, we know who is responsible for the party: Violet von Westenholz, a childhood friend of Harry.

According to E!, Harry had been entrusting to his friends that he was having "difficulty finding" the right partner. It was then that von Westenholz intervened and orchestrated an introduction to Markle, whom von Westenholz knew from his public relations work with Ralph Lauren.

In interviews right after their engagement in November, Markle said he did not have a particular fascination with or understanding the royal family before meeting Harry. She only had one question for her friend in common. "It was nice?" she asked. "Because if he was not nice, it did not seem to make sense."

Meanwhile, the prince admitted that "he had never heard of her". He did not watch his legal drama "Suits" on the USA Network.

Congratulations to von Westenholz for making a good game. Is not easy! However successful the configurations managed by friends may be, they can also be really bad. Here are some things you should avoid while trying to get your own von Westenholz.

– Do not place two people just because they are the only two people you know.

Has this ever happened to you? ? A friend prepares you and you spend the whole date trying to discover: why? Why does my friend think we would be a good match?

Former "Bachelorette Party" Andi Dorfman was there. "My friends prepared me, but they are terrible," he told me in an interview in New York last year. "Someone will say:" Oh, my friend so-and-so, you guys will be great. "And I'm going to have a date with him and be like, what were you thinking? & # 39;

"And it's not that the guy is bad or bad, or something in that sense, but it just is not compatible," Dorfman said, adding: "People who are not single do not realize that … it does not make sense Establish two single people and waste their time if they are not compatible. "

So, if you, dear meddlesome friend, can not think of at least one reason: a common interest or a similar vision of life: two people can enjoy each other's company, not try a setup, maybe both of you like word games, or maybe both are incredibly adventurous and spontaneous.

– Before trying a setup, confirm that both people are looking for something similar

Ideally, both should look for the same type of relationship or arrangement. I'm looking for a wife with someone who just wants to keep things casual, as this will generally lead to disappointment.

– But feel free to push them out of your comfort zone.

When sponsors slip into Tinder, they are likely to adhere to their tried and true "types." But when a trusted friend makes an introduction, donors may be more willing to overlook traitors. For example, when Washington Post contributor Kelly Clay was in a bad mood at the dating app scene, she asked about 10 of her closest friends, all of whom were married, to prepare her.

While on one of those dates – with a man who had a son and lived in his parents' house, two things that would have been traitors if they had met at Tinder – she found herself reconsidering.

"Sitting in front of him drinking coffee, it's information that I absorbed as part of his whole person," she wrote. "I can see how he tries to explain these details of what could be strikebreakers, but once he looked at me and realized he did not have an initial reaction, he told me the whole sordid story about his ex-wife. that feels safe to me to open up about other parts of myself, like my depression and anxiety, of which I rarely tell anyone. "

Being created by a mutual friend, Clay immediately felt relaxed. "It made it easy to appear like myself from the beginning of our relationship."

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