Prince Harry accused of overshadowing the Queen with James Corden interview

Critics reportedly criticize the timing of Prince Harry’s recent interview with James Corden as “futile” in diverting attention from Queen Elizabeth’s COVID-19 vaccine push.

“When the queen speaks, as she has about the vaccine, it is accepted that she has a free field,” a source told the Daily Mail about Harry’s appearance on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” on Thursday.

News of Harry’s late-night talk filled the British media on Friday morning, hours after the Queen tried to give a booster shot of the vaccine with a direction in which it encouraged the UK public to come under attack, according to Sky News.

She even tried to gain attention by talking about her own health issues, an extraordinary step that she rarely takes, and saying that when she received the injection “it didn’t hurt at all.”

Royals expert Robert Jobson believes the timing of Harry’s predictable downfall of the talk show appearance trampled on the Queen’s important pandemic message.

“Timing is everything, isn’t it?” He told the Daily Mail. the man who wants a private life, talking about his private life again. ”

Harry’s conversation with Corden was filmed before the queen confirmed the disengagement of Harry and his wife Meghan Markle as royalty.

Prince Harry has come under fire for the timing of his recent interview with James Corden.
Prince Harry has come under fire for the timing of his recent interview with James Corden.
The Late Late Show with James Corden

During his televised walk through Los Angeles with Corden, Harry shared that he never intended to completely abandon his post.

“He never walked away, he was backing up, instead of backing up,” he told Corden. He also claimed that the British press wreaked havoc on his mental health.

Corden could possibly have aired the interview on Thursday in an attempt to beat Oprah Winfrey, as the media icon also closed an interview with Duke and the Duchess of Sussex.

“As the Queen urges us to think of others, Prince Harry struts around Los Angeles and makes the absurd claim that he has not alienated himself from royalty,” Royals expert Phil Dampier told the Daily Mail. what planet is it? Hollywood, I guess. “


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