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Prime Video captures Apple TV with smart TVs, but these two features are still missing

With the launch of Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV, there is now less reason to change your TV's inputs if you are looking for something to watch. Prime Video has been present for a long time in other decoders and is even incorporated into modern TVs, so it is great to see the catalog of movies and Amazon TV programs available to broadcast directly on the Apple TV. For me, there are still two reasons to switch between my Apple TV 4K and the applications built into my TV for the best experience …

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The first is Dolby Atmos, the latest surround sound technology. Here is the Wikipedia explainer:

Dolby Atmos technology allows up to 128 audio tracks plus associated spatial audio description metadata (most notably, location or panorama automation data) to be distributed to theaters for dynamic rendering optimum in speakers based on the capabilities of the theater. Each audio track can be assigned to an audio channel, the traditional distribution format, or to an audio "object". Dolby Atmos has by default a 7.1.2 bed of 10 channels for environmental stems or central dialogue, leaving 118 tracks for objects.

TL; DR sounds immersive, but tvOS must be compatible to take full advantage of modern speakers, such as LG's high-resolution SJ9 audio sound bar. Apple has said that it will support Dolby Atmos in the future, but for now I need to use the integrated applications on my TV to take advantage of the best sound technology.

Then there's YouTube and 4K HDR. Apple and Google are currently at odds over how 4K videos should be transmitted in a boring war of formats that no viewer should have to worry about.

It's the same reason why Safari can not stream 4K videos from YouTube on the Mac, but Chrome can, and it's not clear when the two companies will resolve their differences and enable 4K video playback. The launch of Apple TV 4K without 4K support for YouTube means that the integrated YouTube application on my TV offers a better visual experience than Apple TV despite offering a lower experience.

Present the Dolby Atmos support and solve the format problem with YouTube and for me, I will never need to change input again.

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