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Presser Points: Belichick: "I have to do a better job" with the team's emotions

The intense emotions of NFL action, and the physical outbursts that can come from those emotions, have been a major topic of conversation this week.

Certainly Rob Gronkowski controversial blow at Tre & # 39; Davious White last Sunday at Buffalo and the subsequent suspension of the tight end ignited the discussion. The violent Monday night fight between the Steelers and the Bengals – which led to multiple suspensions – fueled the issue.

As the Patriots prepare for Monday night's trip to Miami to face a Dolphins team, he defeated in a battle Gillette Stadium, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick admitted in his big conference Press Release on Wednesdays at Foxborough that part of their responsibility is to prevent their players from crossing the line in the field. There were many complaints in the last meeting with Miami, so it is a topic that we must watch this time.

"Yes, that's important for us," said Belichick when asked if he should remind players to keep their game. cool "Yeah, that's important every week, it's a competitive game, there's a lot of excitement out there, yes, as a coach, I have to do a better job."

Even with an extra day of preparation for a Miami family foe that New England prepared just a couple of weeks ago, Belichick also spent a lot of time talking about how impressed he is with a Dolphins team, the Patriots defeated 35- 17 on November 26 in Gillette.

These are some of the highlights of Belichick's midweek meeting with the media.

1. The Dolphins dominated Denver in all three phases: Despite a five-game losing streak with the fifth loss in New England, the 5-7 Dolphins cling to hopes of getting there to the playoffs in the last four weeks. Miami kept those hopes alive last Sunday with an impressive and dominant 35-9 triumph over the Broncos. Belichick's opening comments on Wednesday focused on how impressed he was with the Dolphins' work against Denver, recovering from the loss in New England.

"After watching the Denver game in recent days, I was really impressed with the way Miami played on Sunday and I think that's what we have to be prepared for," said Belichick, emphasizing the strengths of his next rival as he does every Wednesday. "I thought they had a really dominant performance in the kicking game: blocked kick, kick on the right side, very well covered clearances, kicks clear well covered the kickoffs, kicked back kicks. Obviously, [they had] three interceptions, one for a touchdown, one for 14 on third down, a strong defensive performance, offensively, they ran the ball well and threw it, had a good balance, scored 30 points and something [It was] a great effort and we're going to have to start all over again here.

"We can not pick up from where we left off. It's not where we are. It is not what we are going to do. We just have to start all over again and have a good week, get ready to go here on Monday night. It's a good soccer team. They have a lot of talent. This was a game of 11 points in the fourth quarter and they had the ball. I thought that the first game really was much closer than the score indicated. The score was adjusted there in the last quarter until we made the stop in the downs and we got the touchdown in the last series. A good team, plays hard, hard, explosive, has many great players in all three phases of the game. It will be a great challenge for us. "

2. Allen and Co. is ready to fill the gap: With Gronkowski suspended for Monday's trip to Miami, New England may have to resort to his players Dwayne Allen Jacob Hollister and potentially even practice cornerback Will Tye could be in the mix.

] Belichick asked about Allen, in particular, given the veteran's slow start but improved contributions in recent weeks.

"Dwayne works hard," Belichick said. "He does what we ask him to do. He works very hard on that, whatever his role. His role in the Tampa game was different from the previous role or whatever it turns out to be. Sometimes we are in more sets of three receivers, sometimes it is sets of two receivers, sometimes it is a fullback, sometimes it is a fullback and two wings closed, sometimes they are two closed wings. He is ready to leave and always prepared and always works hard at his job, tries to do it well. We all make mistakes. We all correct them and try to make them better next time. He has accepted that. "

Tye, who has a significant gaming experience given his 94 career receptions, most in two seasons with the Giants, is an interesting option." Belichick seems impressed with how the veteran has carried out his career. I work behind the scenes at Foxborough this fall.

"Athletic improved a lot," Belichick said of Tye. "We've asked him to do some things he's worked on and he's done a lot better. He is a big guy who can run and catch and has a presence in the line of scrimmage to block, so he has done a good job. "19659002] Belichick did not have much to say about playing this week without Gronkowski.

week, you face the players you have available and the opponent you're playing. You put it together and you solve it. It is the same every week.

3. Suh is a "pretty special talent": Miami defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has had a long and impressive career with the Lions and the Dolphins. Although he has a reputation for overcoming the limits of fair play at times, there is no doubt that Suh is one of the most talented and versatile defensive linemen in the game. It is a challenge for the interior offensive line, as well as for the coaching staff that has a game plan for him.

Belichick received many accolades about the Suh.

"It's a pretty special talent," said Belichick. "However, he is not always in the middle of the line, last week, he was put on the end of that overload front and caused some problems, so he was moved more this year than probably last year. It is usually on the right, but not always, it is quite to the left, and it is even at the end in some moments, they have even put it up several times, not like a linebacker, but they have raised it up so that it does not declare with the same clarify where it is or what the front was in. So, identify it and make sure we have that right, I mean, that's one thing, the hardest part is actually blocking it, it's explosive, it's very strong, it has a good start and chases well, makes several plays in the field: screen passes or decreasing runs, but he is a very talented player, he is an impressive guy, his effort, and last year against us, he made two or three plays. I remember it went to 17 yards downfield chasing a ball carrier, making a game well on the field. So, yes, it's a difficult guy to handle. "Read

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