President of Tennessee Valley Authority set fire, demanding removal of CEO at higher salaries

President Trump announced on Monday that he would be ousting from the chair of the Tennessee Valley Authority and called for his CEO to be ousted after beating out a union-owned corporation for hiring foreign employees and letting the CEO know Permitted what the president has recently called “ridiculous”. the wages.

Trump told reporters at the White House that he was formally leaving the chair and removing Thompson and another member of the board, and he threatened to remove the other members of the board if they wanted to continue foreign labor. Thompson was appointed to the position by Trump.

TVA is a federation-owned corporation in 1933 to provide flood control, power generation, fertilizer manufacturing, and economic development in the Tennessee Valley, an area that was in the grip of the Great Depression. The region includes most of Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky, as well as small parts of Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia.

The president also said that the TVA board should immediately appoint a new chief executive officer who “puts the interests of Americans first.” According to Trump, the CEO, Jeff Lyash, earns $ 8 million per year.

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“It’s ridiculous,” Trump said in April. “The highest-paid person in any government (position). Earns about $ 8 million or $ 9 million. I don’t know the gentleman, but he got a heck of a job. He gets a lot of money.”

Last year, Lyash was paid a recruitment and rehabilitation incentive of about $ 1.8 million, according to regulatory filings issued by TVA, which raised his salary to $ 8.12 million in his first six months, provided he spent at least another five years. Stay till

“The new CEO should be paid more than $ 500,000 every year,” Trump said on Monday. We want TVA to act immediately. … Serve this as a warning to any federally appointed board: If you betray American workers, you’ll get to hear two words: ‘You’re Wired.’

Trump said the authority is replacing many of its in-house technology workers, who work with contractors who rely more on foreign workers under the H1-B Visa Program for Highly Skilled Workers.

“All TVA employees are US citizens,” said Jim Hopson, the authority’s public information officer. “All jobs related to TVA’s Department of Information Technology must be performed in the US by individuals who can legally work in this country.”

“As a federal corporation, TVA’s board members serve at the president’s pleasure,” Hopson said.

As Trump was meeting with workers who were soon turned down by the authority, he was passed a note from Chief of Staff Mark Meadows stating that Lyash had called the White House and Labor Was promising to address the concerns. Some of those in attendance, who are set to see their final pay at the end of the month, were torn by Trump reading the message.

Trump admitted that he was made aware of the issue after watching a television advertisement produced by US tech workers, a nonprofit organization that wants to limit visas given to foreign technology workers. Ads aired in primetime on Fox News.

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The group, led by Kevin Lin, criticized TVA for unconsciousing its own workers and replacing them with contractors using foreign workers with H-1B visas. In the ad, Lin said, “one of the viewers,” the purpose was to persuade Trump to stop outsourcing too much of his information technology division to TVA.

Trump announced this as he asked all federal agencies to sign an executive order to complete an internal audit to prove that they are not replacing qualified American workers with people from other countries . The White House said the order would help prevent federal agencies from unfairly replacing American workers with low-cost foreign labor.

The order followed TVA’s announcement that it would outsource 20% of its technology jobs to companies located overseas. According to the White House, the TVA’s action could allow more than 200 highly skilled American technical workers to work in Tennessee, expelling foreign workers hired on temporary work visas.

But Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee said TVA receives no taxpayer money. Commenting on the issue in April, Alexander said the White House was spreading misinformation. He said that the salaries of TVA CEOs are lower than other large utilities and TVA energy rates are among the lowest in the nation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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