President Donald Trump’s Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition – Deadline

President Donald Trump is once again visiting his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA today, tapping the little white ball.

But before leaving for the links, he tweeted some changes to Joe Biden, his likely opponent in the upcoming presidential election, calling him by a new nickname and denigrating his IQ and previous interactions with Russia.

The Tweet Commander also denied being aware of incidents suggested by a New York Times report of a reward awarded by Russian soldiers to British and American troops in Afghanistan.

Finally, a day after tweeting a long list of people wanted by legal authorities for vandalism in the recent uprisings, Trump also mentioned his new executive order on vandalism of federal monuments. He claimed that the order has halted widespread assaults on statues and buildings under threat of a long prison sentence.

We will update as more communications arrive later today. The storm of tweets so far:

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