Preparing for the closing of the PlayStation digital store is hard work, so start sooner rather than later

From login issues to slow downloads and missing buttons, it can be a hassle to locate your PSP, Vita, and PS3 libraries.

After hearing the news about PSP, Vita, and PS3 store closures last week, I was disappointed, but not as excited as some. More like all discouraged and tired. Are we really doing this, Sony? OK, it’s OK.

With the recent clarification that we will still be able to unload our purchases after stores close (for now, anyway), I had planned to put things off to get my libraries in order. July 2, the PS3 and PSP store closing date, felt far enough away that we didn’t have to jump into action.

With that “I’ll do it later” mentality, on Friday, I started poking around various forums and communities to update myself on what digital-only games and profitable purchases are worth researching before it’s too late. Tomba costs how much on disk today? Okay, sure, another PS1 classic for the list. The next thing I knew, I was investigating and I couldn’t help myself. I went a little crazy.

Mega Man Legends is expensive on disk, so consider getting the digital version of PS1 Classics.

On the PSP and Vita front, I have a PlayStation Portable, but it no longer has a functional battery (the bulge got me). And while I never had a proper PlayStation Vita, I did get a PlayStation TV back when they were super cheap, I just never bothered to do much with the little box after a cursory glance.

My PS3 is of the variety that doesn’t play PS2 discs, and I got it at the end of the cycle, so I never ended up getting a lot of titles for it. Interestingly, most of my PS3 games are just cool, quirky, chilling indies from the PlayStation Network – the exact kind of thing people are now rushing to grab before stores close in 2021.

You don’t need to know my entire personal PlayStation story, of course, but I mention it briefly as a starting point. After setting up my systems again, I found some games that I didn’t expect, when the hell did I buy? Red ring? – and I also realized that I didn’t own everything I thought I had.

Patchwork Heroes is a hidden gem in the PSP digital library.

Whether you’ve quit Sony or are still open to the idea of ​​buying digital copies of older PlayStation games while you have permission, either way, I urge you to make a decision sooner rather than later. With the inability to verify “legacy” console libraries in a web browser, the accounting process is a huge pain. I say this as someone who, again, doesn’t even own that much digital stuff.

My first wake-up call was when I tried to log into these systems. I started with PlayStation TV first, and while my account information was still there, my password gave me an error. Turns out, I needed to authenticate my PS TV and PS3 login using a semi-dark Sony page to generate a password.

(If you have 2-Step and are struggling like me: go to PlayStation Store, click on your avatar at the top, then Account Settings, then Security, and finally Device Settings Password. This will help you. to log in).

Once logged in, I took stock of my PSP, Vita, and PS3 games and compared it to this very useful collection of game recommendation lists on ResetEra. Another good one: this list of games that you can play on your Vita, but only if you buy them on a PS3 and then transfer them.

The "Add to cart" The button is invisible in the PlayStation 3 store, but you can still click it.

If there is a theme in this article, it is that everything related to preparing for the closing of the PlayStation store takes more time and is more delicate than necessary, by an order of magnitude.

For example, the “add to cart” button (and as a result the pricing information) is invisible to me in the PS3 store.

I had heard complaints about this recently, but seeing it for myself was wild. As a fix for the missing button, every time you came across a game you wanted to buy (a process unto itself), you had to go down and highlight the “Summary” button, and then press up once and press X to confirm. I have also read about purchases that have not been made, but have not found any of those errors. Fingers crossed.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to fill in the gaps in your collections of PS1 and PS2 classics on PS3 and Vita. It’s less than ideal, but in many cases, it’s better to search for games manually than to rely on incomplete playlists on the PlayStation Store. For the first, search for “PSOne”; for the last one, “PS2”. That should bring up an alphabetical list of Classics for you to peruse. I’d also take notes as needed so you know which of your games are already installed; the Download List is not useful. It’s still a junk in 2021.

Rather than casually browsing the PS3 and Vita stores for classics, look for "PSOne" or "PS2" so you don't miss a thing.

At the risk of rambling more than necessary, there is also the matter of browsing the PlayStation Store and downloading, installing and patching games in general on these platforms. That’s all a lot slower than I remember, and I didn’t have particularly pleasant memories in the first place. Enter this process expecting to take care of everything, even in the best of circumstances, it will feel like a project.

I ended up with a dozen more PS1 Classics, including Mega Man Legends, Suikoden, and The legend of the dragon, just like him resident Evils (I’ll laugh if Capcom makes modern ports later this year for the series’ 25th anniversary) and must-see titles like Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. When can I play any of this? That’s a topic for another day, but I’ll give it a try, honestly!

I only did the bare minimum, that is, I got the games I wanted (and some that I probably didn’t need), but I didn’t back up anything or spend extra time preparing my digital version purchases. Yet those conversations are happening online. If you’ve invested in your digital library for PSP, Vita, and PS3, it wouldn’t necessarily encourage you to start shopping for a bunch of old games that you may or may not need before Sony pulls off new purchases, but it would start coming up with a plan .

For anyone turning away from the PlayStation ecosystem in light of these closures, or at least reconsidering their stance on digital shopping under Sony, I’m sorry. The brand was very successful.

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