Preparation of Joint Statement on Coronavirus Vaccine Makers Safety, Standards

Three pharmaceutical companies that have developed vaccines for COVID-19 are considering issuing a joint public statement that unless they have sufficient evidence of the safety and efficacy of their vaccinations, they will not receive emergency government approval, according to a Wall Street Journal report Will ask

The move is similar to the vaccine being read for regulatory review in early October and Democrats raise fearsS The Trump administration is pressurizing the Food and Drug Administration to approve them.

Companies including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna could issue a statement as early as next week, citing two unnamed sources the Journal said are “familiar with the case.”

“We believe this pledge will help ensure public confidence in Kovid-19 vaccines that may eventually be approved and follow the rigorous scientific and regulatory process by which they are evaluated,” in the draft statement Having said.

A Gallup poll released in early August stated that more than a third of 35% of Americans would not receive the vaccine if it was “available now.”


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