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Premiere of the second season of & # 39; Westworld & # 39 ;: Who killed the hosts?

The final moment of "Journey Into Night" presents a new deadly mystery for the second season of the HBO series.

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Violent delights are violent. To that end, the charming season premiere of Westworld ended quite violently.

The final moments of "Journey Into Night", directed by Richard J. Lewis and written by Lisa Joy and Roberto Patino, presented one of the most amazing images of the HBO series so far: a true ocean full of dead hosts . And not just a few hosts, either. It's a large group of them, if not all the hosts at Westworld, with at least one high-profile victim: Teddy (James Marsden).

For a show in which the regulars of the series are killed and resurrected only to die again another day with alarming regularity, Marsden's Tedden takes first place with ease. He died on numerous occasions in the first season of the program; Devils, he died twice in the first episode, which could serve as an abbreviation of the truth behind his last death: not only is it impermanent, it is very likely that it was planned in advance.

"I see everything now so clearly," Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) tells Teddy earlier in the episode. "The past, the present, the future … I know how this story ends".

Dolores goes on to tell Teddy that the story ends with the two of them: "with you and me," he says before the two share a passionate kiss. If we take Dolores' words to the letter, then Teddy's state at the end of the premiere it would be a great obstacle for the revolutionary occasionally known as Wyatt, or it is part of a plan that has not yet been fully manifested. 19659006] Planting the flag now: Dolores is the person responsible for the dead hosts floating in a fresh sea. There are some reasons to believe why these deaths are on their shoulders, even though Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) takes possession of the action at the end of the premiere. ("I killed them all," he tells Karl Strand, the new regular series played by Gustaf Skarsgård.) Let's look at some of the forms:

• Dolores has killed several hosts, as well as humans. She killed some in self defense during the first season. She directly murders several of them at the premiere of the second season, as the host whose memories Costa (Fares Fares) probes at the beginning of the episode. "I told you, friend," she says before shooting the host, "not all of us deserve to reach the valley beyond." Dolores' ability to kill her own species is well documented, in other words.

• The way the dead hosts are presented reflects the dream that Arnold (Wright) sets for Dolores at the beginning of the episode: "I dreamed I was in an ocean with you and the others on the far coast … you had left me back, and the waters were rising around me. " Dolores would have the means and the reason to create a scene that evokes Arnold's dream …

• … unless it is not Arnold's dream, and the scene on top The episode takes place between Dolores and Bernard sometime after the appearance of all these dead hosts. Could we be seeing an inversion of power between the two characters? It is very possible.

There is also the direct possibility that Bernard, as he states at the end of the episode, really is the person of interest in the mass murder of the hosts … but he could be speaking figuratively, that the dream that he once shared with Dolores has now been perverted in this creepy action, or some other form of defiance that forced Dolores's hand.

Also at the table: Bernard is very aware of what happened in the last two weeks, he aligned his cause with Dolores somewhere along the way, and now keeps secrets from both Strand and the public. Similarly, complicated maneuvers have been carried out in this program in the past.

Regardless, the equally important questions include how, when and why, how the hosts died and what will happen next. Here is the only certainty: two weeks passed from the moment Dolores murdered Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and the moment when Strand, Bernard and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) discovered the dead hosts, in other words, a significant period of time for this particular mystery to develop.

What are your theories about the anguished final moments of the premiere? It sounds off in the comments below and continues our coverage at THR.com/Westworld .


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