Preliminary results of the UFC 218 card: Medeiros moves to stop Oliveira in the contender of the Fight of the Year


If there's a better fight than what happened between Yancy Medeiros and Alex Oliveira at UFC 218, then that fight will surely be one of the biggest in MMA history. Medeiros recovered from multiple falls and was close to leaving several times to defeat Oliveira in a back-and-forth slug. That was the highlight of the preliminary card and, in fact, the entire event so far. Another preliminary card action included decisive victories for Felice Herrig and David Teymur, plus another victory by elbow for Paul Felder. This is how the fights developed.

Paul Felder def. Charles Oliveira by KO (elbows) at 4:06 of round 2 – Lightweights

It took less than 30 seconds for Oliveira to take off Felder, who immediately left behind. In a fight, Oliveira sought to grab control of the neck and hit Felder with a maple arke. Felder was in danger against the Brazilian specialist in submission, and Oliveira was trying to squeeze Felder unconscious. Incredibly, Felder survived that sequence, but he found Oliveira covered all over his back. Moments before that, Felder was hit with an illegal knee in the head while being knocked down. Oliveira could not catch the strangler completely naked, fell to the ground and Felder voluntarily put himself on guard to unload land and pound. The hard elbows opened a cut in Oliveira's head, while he was rolling for a leg block, but Felder was aware and hit Do Bronx with a hard right. Felder finished a wild opening round with more ground shots from the highest position.

Oliveira could not get the knockdown in the second round, and in the grip, Felder hurt Oliveira with ruthless elbows and proceeded to throw more powerful punches on the ground. Oliveira looked tired and the flow of the fight was in favor of Felder. A heel hook from Oliveira did not redeem a presentation and neither did it take him to the highest position for him. They knocked down more Felder's elbows, even while playing with fire dealing with Oliveira's active guard. The elbows on the elbows and elbows broke Oliveira's face, and the reps showed that Oliveira actually tapped to attack, but the referee did not see him until six more elbows landed. A third consecutive win per elbow TKO for Felder, and he had to overcome a tough start in round 1 to do it.

Yancy Medeiros def. Alex Oliveira by TKO (punches) at 2:02 of round 3 – Welterweights

"Cowboy" was extremely aggressive, attacking the head and body with bad intentions. Medeiros knocked down Oliveira with his left hand and then drowned, but Oliveira recovered and returned with his own offensive attack. All this was in the span of about 60 seconds. While they were tied up, an illegal knee in the groin meant that Medeiros needed time to recover. Shortly after the restart, a right hand released Medeiros, then Oliveira threw a hard knee to the body when Yancy came back up. An absolute madness, and the nose of Oliveira was stopped by the fall that suffered at the beginning of the contest. Another crushing right hand knocked down Medeiros, who was standing, but suffering a severe punishment and inexplicably surviving blows, knees and elbows against the fence. The absolutely unreal hardness that showed Medeiros, who was getting a beating. Medeiros caught Oliveira with his right hand, but Oliveira was determined to get the final. Incredibly, Medeiros survived the round despite being dangerously close to being knocked out numerous times. It was really one of the best rounds of 2017.

The two men embraced to start round 2, then proceeded to restart the war. Oliveira threw a series of kicks to the body, then Medeiros wobbled Oliveira with a hard left hand. A rigid and rigid right divided the guard of Oliveira, who continued hitting the body with frontal kicks. Medeiros was getting more accurate and powerful shots in this round, including his own left hook to the body. Oliveira went for a knockdown and was full, then missed a kick on the wheel before returning to the body. Oliveira went to the demolition again and Medeiros stumbled upon Cowboy and reversed his way to the complete mountain. The Hawaiian hit the Brazilian with his elbows before getting out of the saddle and standing up.

A three-stroke combo wobbled Medeiros in round 3, and Oliveira found a second wind to the point of completing a knockdown in Yancy. Oliveira took the back of Medeiros, then lost the position and Medeiros finished at the top. They returned to the vertical position to resume the violence. Oliveira was exhausted, hurt by something, and Medeiros capitalized when he exploded Oliveira against the fence until he collapsed on the ground, and that was the end of an absolute thriller. That was an all-time clbadic and a surprising return from Medeiros.

David Teymur def. Drakkar Klose by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) – Lightweights

Herb Dean, who was already under fire for his arrest of the fight between Abdul Razak Alhbadan and Sabah Homasi . , was under the spotlight in round 1 for oddly warning Teymur of "too many steps back" when Klose was the one who often did not do anything offensively and was standing with his hands down. It was an absolutely disconcerting decision of Dean. Apart from that, Teymur definitely got rid of throwing and landing more punches.

Klose had an aggressive burst at the start of round 2 to support the Swede, but moments later he was on the receiving end of a hard right hook. Teymur showed great balance and strength to complete Klose's takedown attempt. Klose seemed to want to encourage Teymur to fight recklessly, but Teymur never took the bait and continued shooting the most effective shots from the outside. It seemed that Klose of Michigan would be able to raise Teymur and hit him, but Teymur avoided being thrown on the carpet and hit Klose with a blow to the head. A left hand got Klose later in the round, only for Teymur to land another low inside kick. Klose became too aggressive for his own good and Teymur turned against him, taking him late and going ashore.

Teymur hit Klose with one knee and then a kick to the head, and Klose did well to eat those punches without faltering. Too often, Klose was counteracted from the outside and was wreaking havoc without an effective plan. A Teymur slap interrupted the procedure momentarily, but when the action resumed, Klose increased his urgency knowing that he had lowered two rounds. A couple of body shots and opportunistic revolver blows were there for Klose, but he remained as frustrated as ever when Teymur dared to attack from outside and surround him. Klose received a knockdown less than two minutes from the end, only for Teymur to return shortly after. Teymur fired and missed a knockdown, some punches were exchanged, and the horn sounded to indicate a clear victory for Teymur, and the first defeat of Klose's career.

Felice Herrig def. Cortney Casey by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) – Women's Strawweights

Casey started well in round 1, using his reach advantage to place some good right hands on the top from outside. Herrig started with multiple left hooks. With Casey connecting the most accurate shots, Herrig went for the takedown and took Casey to the canvas. Casey did well to use a kimura sweep to finish at the top, and eventually stand up. Herrig closed the round strongly with a flurry of punches, although Casey cut it at least once at the counter.

Herrig continued to succeed with the left hook, but little more on the feet at the start of the second round. Casey chose his shots very well and had the luck of several surprising exchanges with Felice. Interestingly, well past the midpoint of the round, Herrig was happy to participate in a kickboxing battle and not pursue the takedown. After a kick in Casey's leg, Herrig broke Casey with another left hook. As the round progressed, Herrig began to find a little more time and labeled Casey with effective power shots.

Casey's eyes swelled as a result of the blows received by Herrig. There was a little mouse under Felice's left eye, which was clipped by a left hook just before the two minute mark of the final round. Casey put a kick in the leg, a combination of two punches and had some success with that. Herrig landed several times on the right, while Casey worked from behind and at the counter. For some reason, they turned to each other in the last minute of the fight. Casey and Herrig fired on each other and became a mini-fight when the fight came to an end. It was a hotly contested match, but it was a split decision victory for Herrig, who finishes 2017 with his fourth consecutive victory.

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