Pregame decision, sloppy rescue cost Gab Kapler, Giants in 7-6 loss

It almost seemed like a mistake when the Giants’ lineup card was posted.

Steven Duggar, the best defensive organization on the roster, was listed in left field. Alex Dickerson was the right fielder for just the second time in his big league career.

It seemed like a mix-up, but Gab Kapler explained before Monday’s game why it made sense. Coors Field has more real estate in left field than on the right, and the difference is much harder to play on that side of the field. Kapler said the staff had gone on the spray chart for the Rockies hitters and decided to keep Duggar, who had two previous professional innings, on Monday.

“It’s a little unexpected,” Kapler said in the afternoon. “Sometimes you get that right and sometimes you don’t.”

A few hours later, it seemed that the decision became costly. Dickerson, who previously only played a right-handed game when Brandon Belt was a left fielder, had two misperceptions in the sixth inning of a five-run loss to Rocky, 7-6.

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With the Giants with a run, Ryan McMahon hit a one-shot right that Dickerson received a glove, as his leg hit the warning track. But he bounced the ball and dropped it as McMahon ran in the third. The Rockies later opened a single to right inning, which turned into a two-run game when Dickerson overtook the cutoff man. Pitcher Wandy Peralta and catcher Chadwick Trump ended up converting the ball near the dugout as the trail runner easily carried an empty plate.

Kapler said that one night is something that takes second guessing, but added that “sometimes you set them and you set them correctly and it doesn’t work.”

Kapilar said, “In your thinking, you question that was the right call. To be honest, I hold Dick 19 times out of 20. ‘”” Throw, I bet he makes it almost every time. There’s no question. “

The Giants were confident in their process, but it can be difficult to be confident at this time how those decisions will play out on the field. The defense has been a mess through 11 games, a little surprising given the intensity of both camps. They lead the NL with 13 errors. Evan Longoria booted a grounder in the first inning that led to Johnny Cueto’s first run, which was later followed by two more charges on Nolan Arenado Homer.

The blast marked the first five-run out in Arnado’s first year. The Rockies continued to deal with defensive mistakes and perhaps thanks to pre-game decisions.

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Dickerson said that the switch may have factored “a bit” at the angles and said that something threw his eye, perhaps because he was in an unfamiliar place. But Dickerson said that there was no excuse, and that they were plays that should have been made despite the lack of true experience.

“At the end of the day you’re still an athlete,” he said. “You might be able to catch that kind of ball. I just had one of those kind of innings where there were two big fluxes that really cost us.”

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