Predicting Duke’s starting basketball lineup 2021-22

Duke basketball

Duke basketball (Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)

Duke’s basketball blues has no instant cure, but give this lineup a try to get started.

Given the program’s pair of potential savers on the way, it wasn’t easy waiting until the conclusion of Duke’s 2020-21 basketball season to forecast the 2021-22 starting lineup.

It’s true that only the regular season is technically on the books. Yes, these current Blue Devils (11-11, 9-9 ACC) still have an ACC Tournament to play, as of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday as the No. 10 seed in Greensboro against basement dweller Boston College (4 -15, 2-11 ACC).

But make no mistake.

Duke needs five wins in five days to win an invitation to the NCAA tournament. No. It won’t happen. Anyone who could bear to watch Saturday’s loss at UNC saw the absolute worst of the Blue Devils amplified on full screen, from start to finish. As embarrassing as it is for most spoiled fans to admit this early in March, it’s all over.

Sure, there are promising talent in town, and many should stay. However, it is clear that an alpha presence is lacking, and he or they will not debut until the fall.

So it’s time to get to the good stuff here. Time to pretend it’s November. It’s time to look ahead to see which returning Blue Devils will flourish alongside one or two newcomers from the next level in the starting five of next season. It’s time to feast on what might be brighter days to close this calendar year, giving the Dukies hope for a glorious March and perhaps the return of April in 2022.

Now, let’s start with the projected starting point guard …

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