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PPG’s design chief talks about the future of painting at the Detroit Auto Show

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The popularity of automotive paint colors changes all the time. Jane Harrington, director of the PPG design group, visited the Roadshow booth at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show to tell us what her company thinks is going to be hot and fashionable in 2018. In addition, she also talked about how to drive only technology could affect future paints and finishes.

PPG is a leader in the automotive industry in paints, coatings and automotive materials.

According to the prevalence of oranges and reds, Harrington says that the copper tones will be what he will see for this year. Add the increasing popularity of transparent dyed coats that make these already bright tones look even deeper and richer in appearance. Blues are also growing in popularity with Ford and Subaru taking the crown for the nicer blue shades.

Perhaps even more interesting, Harrington and Roadshow editor Tim Stevens also spoke about PPG's research into the world of high reflectivity paints designed specifically for autonomous vehicles. She explains that there is some concern that lidar is not able to accurately read dark paint colors due to the way they absorb light, and PPG hopes to combat that through new formulations. PPG is also working on lens coatings for autonomous vehicle cameras that will work to prevent dirt and insects from sticking to them, thus reducing their effectiveness.

The future looks pretty bright in PPG, but Jane and Tim cover a lot more ground, so check your conversation in its entirety in our video.

Update, 1:14 p.m .: More details and context on PPG and new paint finishes related to driverless cars were added.

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