‘Power Rangers’ film and TV treatment ‘I’m not OK with this’ Co-Creator (Exclusive)

But unlike recent efforts, which focused primarily on the big screen, the new initiative will see both film and television adaptations, overseeing, and directing, Entwissle.

The move comes as EON, a production banner acquired by Hasbro in late 2019, becomes more active in developing and customizing Hasbro-based brands. a power Rangers The facility was previously under development by Antavisal at Paramount, but is now taken over by eOne, while Antavisal is looking to deepen its involvement and branch out.

Entwistle will act as the conductor of a connected story universe that will bridge across multiple platforms.

“Jonathan has an incredible creative vision for this prestigious and highly successful franchise, and is the right architect to join us to reconnect the property’s television and film worlds,” Eon Film President Nick Meyer And global television president Michael Lombardo said in a joint statement.

Working on the platform has to be a standard working with name talent.

“Across our slate, we look forward to working with the most talented storytellers as we take on Hasbro’s rich fan-favorite brands and build the entertainment universe around them,” the couple said.

“This is an incredible opportunity to redeem new power Rangers For both new and existing generations of waiting and admiring fans. We will bring a sense of analog into the future, using action and storytelling that made this brand a success, ”said Antvisal.

power Rangers Was a 90s TV series and global marketing franchise, initially called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, That used footage from a Japanese children’s show. The base consisted of a group of children who become superheroes, each with their own color-coordinated outfits and matching helmets. The show first aired on Fox Kids, then on the Disney-owned channel in the 2000s. In 1995, a film was also released in theaters.

In 2017, Lionsgate produced and released a feature that rebooted the title, making it less child-friendly and giving it a more brooding YA edge. With a worldwide gross of $ 142 million, on a budget of about $ 100 million, the picture failed at the box office and plans for a series of films were scrapped.

Entwissle made F — ing world And co-produced the recent series I’m not okay with this. Both series focused on teenagers getting on hold as they grew up and were praised for their writing, with the former winner being a Peabody and a British Academy Television Award. He is retaken by the CAA and Grandview.

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