Potentially violent militia groups may be headed for elections in these five states: Report

Election Day can be observed in five states to organize protests and violent demonstrations by militia groups.

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These states – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Oregon – were deemed as “high-risk places” before the election because there have been massive anti-corruption lockdown protests in the past, and researchers have also The militia’s beliefs are believed to be “leftist coup activities,” according to a new report by ACLED, the crisis-prevention project, and the research group MilitiaWatch.

The report focused on right-wing organizations around the country and mapping out locations that were likely to have pockets of extremism during elections.

Areas, where militias have conducted recruitment operations or conducted training for their members, are also at risk, the report said.

A few weeks ago, the FBI foiled a plan by members of an extremist group calling for Wolverine Watchman to barge into Michigan’s state capitol building and kidnap government officials, including Gov. Gechen Whitmer .

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Authorities later linked several of the alleged kidnappers to previous demonstrations at the state’s Capitol building against the coronovirus ban.

The report also noted that the presence of the militia may also increase in areas where militia members have cultivated personal relationships with police or law enforcement or where there may be a friendly attitude by law enforcement to these groups.

According to the report, battlefields and their peripheral cities may also be common areas, leading to electoral violence or unrest.

North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, California and New Mexico were found to be at moderate risk for demonstrations involving militias before and after elections.

The report states that populations that are predominantly left-leaning or have large populations that do not support militias are at lower risk of militia activity.

Activists are concerned that the threat of militia groups could lead to intimidation and voter suppression and prevent some groups, including minorities, from appearing in elections.

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Gerry Hebert of the Campaign Legal Center said, “It is probably designed to show people because they fear that some activity may occur, when, in fact, it is a chilling commentary.”

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