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    David Grunfeld / Associated Press

    Alvin Kamara and the New Orleans Saints are heading for a breakup.

    According to nfl insider Josina Anderson, The Saints offer an “open to” trade to drive their star back. Whereas his first option is to sign a long-term deal Jeff duncan Athletically, they will be a first-round seeker in any trade.

    Since 2017, Kamara Rank Fifth leagueview In yards from Scramedge (4,476). He also won the 2017 Offensive Rookie of the Year award and has been named to the Pro Bowl in each of his three NFL seasons.

    Like, he needs more money.

    According to Yahoo Sports’ Charles robinson, Kamra is eyeing a four-year deal, a $ 64 million extension by Christian McCaffrey signed this offseason. The Saints are “comfortable”, making them one of the league’s five highest-paid backings, but the two sides still have a gap to overcome.

    If they do not reach an agreement soon, Kamara may be on the move before Week 1. The following five teams in particular should inquire about him, depending on the requirement, cap space and roster fit.

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    Buffalo Bill running Devin Singletree

    Buffalo Bill running Devin SingletreeJames P. McCoy / Associated Press

    Compensation: 2-round pick

    The Buffalo Bills selected Devin Singletary and Zac Moss respectively in the third round of the last two drafts. The latter has put this offseason in a solid camp, according to Maddie Gleb, per the team’s website, as he is showing off his pass-catching skills.

    Although Moss has looked impressive at camp, the Bills cannot expect him to hit the ground running in their first NFL game. Adding Kamara to the mix could give him a three-man backfield rotation with two young tailbacks and a proven game-changer.

    Kamara, who has at least 81 receptions in three consecutive seasons, could serve as a reliable intermediate target for quarterback Josh Allen. The third-year signal-caller has completed 56.3 percent of his career passing attempts, but he does not have backfield outlets such as Kamar.

    Singletary and Moss are both away from a new extension, and the Bills could keep Allen on their rookie deal for three more years if they take their fifth-year option. Armed with $ 17.1 million in cap space, he has the luxury of being able to afford Kamara without jeopardizing his long-term outlook.

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    Chicago Bears David Montgomery Running Back

    Chicago Bears David Montgomery Running BackName Y. Huh / Associated Press

    Compensation: 2-round pick

    The Chicago Bears could go into the season without David Montgomery’s top running back for a few games. The 2019 third-round pick suffered a groin injury in practice last Wednesday and may miss 2-4 weeks according to NFL Network Ian Rapoport.

    Although Montgomery should return soon, it does not necessarily increase the Bears ground attack. He carried just 3.7 yards per carry as a rookie, ending with 889 yards and six touchdowns. According to Football Outriders, Beers’ offensive line did him no favors, as it was 29th in run blocking.

    Kamra can add some juice to Chicago’s runaway offense. He could team up with Tariq Cohen in 21 personnel, who would feature two pass-catching tailbacks on the field as a high-percentage receiving target for Mitchell Trubisky or Nick Foles.

    Last season, the Bears finished 27th in the running race. With Kamra in the fold, they will see a significant boost in ankle breakers on yards and catch-and-run plays on the field.

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    Miami Dolphins, Matt Breeda Back

    Miami Dolphins, Matt Breeda BackLynn Slady / Associated Press

    Compensation: 2-round pick

    The Miami Dolphins don’t have the greatest need to run back. He signed Jordan Howard and acquired Matt Braceda from the San Francisco 49ers. According to running backs coach Eric Studesville (h / t Barry Jackson of the Miami herald), 2019 seventh-rounder Miles Gaskin has made some progress.

    However, Howard and Breda served as complementary options to their former teams last year, while Gaskins ran for only 133 yards and a touchdown. The Dolphins do not have a standout player in their position.

    Kamra could help the Dolphins in the upcoming season and without crippling their hat position. Rookie quarterback Tua Tagovelloa may have to wait a year for Ryan Fitzpatrick to take over, but he is clearly the next man. Miami should make its future signal-caller with $ 23.8 million in cap space.

    The Dolphins can expand Kamara and provide Tagovailoa with a strong grassroots attack and get top notch in the short passing game. Tagovailoa, who completed 69.3 percent of his passing at Alabama, can build a quick relationship with Kamara thanks to his accuracy.

    The Dolphins currently have two second-round picks in the 2021 draft. They can either skip the selections they acquired from the Houston Texans in the blockbuster trade for Lesbian Tunisil or their own.

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    New England Patriots running back Sony Mitchell

    New England Patriots running back Sony MitchellSteven Sene / Associated Press

    Compensation: 2-round pick

    The New England Patriots have a plethora of running backs including Sony Back, James White, Lamar Miller, Damian Harris and Rex Burkhead. However, none of them are reliable three-down options.

    According to ESPN’s Mike Rees, Mitchell underwent foot surgery this offseason. After averaging 4.5 yards as a cheater, he dropped to 3.7 yards per carry this past season. White has logged over 94 carries in a single season through six campaigns so far.

    Harris is unproven after passing for 12 yards on four carries last year. Miller missed the entire 2019 campaign with a torn ACL and MCL and the roster is with “Cut Line,” Athletic’s Jeff Howe. Burkhead has been a career backup.

    Quarterback Cam Newton feels like a front-runner to win the quarterback fight with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer Reiss. In Carolina, he was running a dynamic similar to Kamara’s at Christian McCraffe.

    The Patriots can ease Newton’s transition to New England, with the star being able to rack up more than 1,500 yards from scrimmage to the playmakers. The fearless pass-catching group of New England also needs a lift, as 34-year-old Julian Edelman is currently the top pass-catching threat.

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    Washington football team withdraws Adrian Peterson

    Washington football team withdraws Adrian PetersonPatrick Semanski / Associated Press

    Compensation: 2-round pick

    As the quarterback coach of the Carolina Panthers, offensive coordinator Scott Turner held the front-row seat for Christian McFrey’s All-Pro campaign last year. He understands how a double threat off-field play can add multiple dimensions to an offense by taking advantage of matchups in the middle of the field.

    To help quarterback Dwayne Haskins take a step forward in his second season, the Washington football team needs to get more offensive weapons.

    Heskins has a second-year outpost in Terry McLaurin, which finished last season. As the only pass-catcher on the team with more than 378 yards.

    Adrian Peterson is heading into his age-35 campaign in the backfield. Bryce Love did not adapt to the NFL game after being ruled out in the 2019 season while recovering from a torn ACL. Rookie third-rounder Antonio Gibson played wide receiver at Memphis, and he is transitioning to running back as a pro.

    Kamara would immediately be Washington’s best offensive playwright. Hassins could count on him to extend plays after the catch and push the chains, as he is averaging five yards per carry for his career.

    Pay-cap information via Spotra.

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