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Potassium cyanide found in the war criminal system after dramatic suicide


The dramatic moment that took place this week in The Hague seemed like something out of a Cold War spy novel: the 20-year prison sentence of a war criminal was kept, which led him to declare his innocence, throw a vial of liquid, proclaim that he had poisoned himself, and die soon after.

Now, it seems that what the Croatian military commander of Bosnia Slobodan Praljak said was poison could have been potbadium cyanide.

Preliminary results of the autopsy published by Dutch officials report Friday that he died of heart failure and that potbadium cyanide was found in his blood.

"This has resulted in a heart failure, which is indicated as the suspected cause of death," Dutch prosecutors said Friday, citing the results.

Just a few seconds after a US judge UU Confirming his 20-year sentence for war crimes on Wednesday, the 72-year-old former philosophy professor and theater director who later became a war general shouted, "Slobodan Praljak is not a war criminal. court ".

He then withdrew his head and consumed what might have been potbadium cyanide from a small brown glbad bottle. Then he announced: "I have taken poison."

The episode was broadcast live on the court website and in the Balkans before a judge stopped the hearing and Praljack was transferred to a nearby hospital in the Netherlands, where he died later.

In its ruling, the judges reaffirmed that Praljack was guilty of crimes that included murder, persecution and inhumane treatment as part of a plan to establish a Croatian entity in Bosnia in the early 1990s. They also reaffirmed the sentence of 20 years initially issued in May 2013.

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Dutch authorities are investigating how Praljack smuggled poison into the court

  Image: candles lit and flags are placed in tribute to General Slobodan Praljak in Zagreb

Lighted candles and flags are placed in tribute to the general Slobodan Praljak in Zagreb on November 30, 2017, after the Bosnian Croat war criminal took his life before the judges It is a war crime of the United Nations.