Postal service sends inaccurate information about mail voting through Utah

While nothing can be done to increase public confidence in the ability of the U.S. Postal Service to handle ballots this year, the service sent some misinformation to Utah voters about the upcoming election.

The office of Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox, who oversees elections at UT, said the Postal Service mailed a postcard to Utah homes last week urging voters “at least 15 days before election day Request a mail-in ballot. “

It is unnecessary in Utah, the Cox office said in a statement. “All active registered voters in Utah receive their ballots in the mail. Individuals are not required to request a mail-in ballot separately if they have previously been registered to vote. “

In many other states, by-mail or absentee ballots must be requested – but not here.

For the November 3 general elections, the Utahbans can cast their vote in one of four ways: through the mail, at a special drop box offered by several county clerks, at an individual’s early voting location, or in one of their own On submission of the ballot -Person or drive-up voting center on Election Day.

However, Utah election officials are vigorously encouraging methods other than voting on Election Day to reduce congestion. He has urged to use that option to solve problems such as missing the ballot.

Note, the Postal Service has urged Utah voters to return postal ballots a week before election day so that they can arrive on time. But it is also more important in other states that sometimes counting ballots need to be received by election day. In Utah, they must be received shortly before the official canvas two weeks after Election Day, as they are timely postmarks.

“We encourage voters to plan ahead The statement from Cox’s office states that check your registration status, register to vote, or update your address.

Also on, voters will be able to check when their ballot was sent to them, and whether it has been received and processed by their county clerk. They will also be able to view the site’s informational content that was presented by candidates and groups to push or oppose the ballots.

County clerks are required to send ballots to all active registered voters in the month of October of the week. 13. Voters have until 5 pm on 23 October to register to vote and automatically receive a mail ballot.

President Donald Trump consistently says that by-election voting will make this year’s election “the most inaccurate and fraudulent in history”. Earlier this year he said that if states vote in a by-election, you will not be a re-elected Republican in this country again.

However, Utah election officials say they have used mail-by voting without problems for years – but this is the only heavily Republican state to do so, while most other sub-mail states have had a Democratic bent.

In addition, US Postmaster General Luis Dejoy told Sen. Mitt Romney at a recent congressional hearing that he is “extremely, overconfident” if all Americans will mail their ballots a week before Voters’ Day. About delivery.

The Trump megadore, DeJoy, has come under intense scrutiny for new work rules, including halting overtime and ordering some additional mail remaining in post offices to keep delivery on time. Due to concerns that those rules may delay ballot polls and disappoint some voters, Dejoy postponed those changes until after the election.