Positive for Tour de France director Christian Prudomi Coronovirus

Despite the departure of all 166 riders in the Tour de France performing the negative test for coronovirus, race director Christian Prudomy has done a positive test and will now leave the race for eight days.

After reports surfaced in French media, race organizer ASO confirmed the news on Tuesday afternoon, just before the start of Stage 10, and announced shortly after that no riders tested positive. Did, but was done by four staff members from four different teams.

In the statement, the ASO stated that Prudhomi was not part of the ‘race bubble’, and was not obliged to undergo an exam on Monday’s rest day, but he did, as he did on three occasions before the race, 6, 20 and 27 on August.

Given that she is not part of the bubble, she will not have to leave the race altogether, instead she will follow French health guidelines and self-isolation for a week. He will be replaced by the current ASO Sports Manager, François Lemarchand, but is expected to return to the race for Phase 17 on 16 September.

“The test campaign revealed that Christian Prudhommi tested positive for COVID-19. The director of the Tour de France, taking its fourth test in a month, will now quarantine for seven days, ”read the statement from ASO.

“Although he was not part of the ‘race bubble’ and was not in direct contact with any of the riders and after his accession, Christian Pudhomme still decided to take the test.”

The “Anti-Kovid-19 Protocol, which proves strong protection for the ‘race bubble’, differs from others in the organization, allows the following scheme to be implemented after such a situation.” In the absence of Christian Prudhomme from the 10th stage from लेle d’Aleron to the डेle de Rey, from La Tour du Pin to Willard de Lanas to the 16th stage, François Lamarchand, who was in the lead car in Paris-Nice, would take over. Christian Prudhomi’s location in the main car.

Jean-Michel Monin, meanwhile, will replace Francois Lemarchand in the No. 3 car. “Prudhumme himself spoke to the French news agency. AFP, Confirming that he would be absent from the tour for the first time since playing the role of race director in 2006. “From the information given to me, this [the virus] Just arrived, ”said Prahumme. “I am going on a tour for eight days. I am going to do this position as any other French worker. I am going to watch the tour on TV, which I have not done for 15 years. ”

“The riders live like monks, which is not for me. It is for this reason that I do not belong to the race bubble and do not interact with the riders, “he said, before France 3: “No rider is positive, and this is the most important thing for me. This indicates that this bubble is working. ”

A former journalist, Prudhomme worked with former tour director Jean-Marie Leblanc in 2006 before taking full responsibility for the role in 2007. Her role sees her meet local officials, officials and guests during pre and post stage celebrations. During the race, he rides in the lead organization car, racing through the sunroof each day, once riders reach kilometer-zero after the opening neutralized zone.