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"We must not forget that,

C, which premiered on the Facebook & # 39; Café de la Esquina & # 39;, which despite having been made two months ago, now began to talk. In the long conversation, two hours, the former presenter addressed some controversial issues, in particular her departure from TVI in 2004.

The public figure says that José Eduardo Moniz, at the time director general of the channel, "took off the carpet," referring to the remoteness of the small screen.

"He gave me everything and took everything away", he claimed. "Suddenly, he decides that he ends the program, he does not give me any satisfaction and he says that" afterwards we talked, then we talked "and a few years passed and he never answered me again, this is the truth"he added.

To remember that Cristina conducted the successful show & # 39; Caras Lindas & # 39; which came to be replaced by the "You On TV", presented by Manuel Luís Goucha 14 years ago.

See the full interview here.

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