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The law is preparing for foreign bank accounts to be named in IRS by license fee payers, who have created a general surprise for those who become clients of the international payment request Revolut. This is also something that is new to the Tax Commission. And, with the news, AT is now saying, in the middle of the IRS delivery campaign, that it will undertake a solution analysis to solve the problem being faced by helpers involved in Revolut and customers. require to register an IRS tax file.

The Ministry of Finance has not yet decided how to invest the income paid on international cards such as Revolut, and other similar services. In a note to the news rooms, the Finance Department says it is currently analyzing the problem by stating that it expects to "make an explanation". [aos contribuintes] as soon as possible about the subject.

“The Tax and Customs Commission examines the particular issue of Revolut and other platforms similar to clarify taxpayers whether whether the sums they have moved to the app should be published in t "Paragraph 8 of article 63 of the general tax law," said the statement.

But, despite saying that he is learning to solve, the Finance Department describes what the law says today. It states that, in accordance with Article AA (8) of the General Tax Law, "IRS payers must specify in the income tax statement any entries and identification of investment accounts or security accounts." a financial institution that does not live in Portugal or a branch living outside the Portugal area of ​​a financial institution of a resident, who is the owner, safeguarder or have the right to move. "

Therefore, the financial clarity continues: "the responsibility to seek open investment or security accounts in a financial institution that does not live in the Portugal land or an outside branch." the Portuguese area of ​​a financial institution's occupier, A Model 3 statement was not a change from the previous year and does not depend on the minimum level.

However, in this clarification, it is not yet possible to respond to some of the questions raised by the Public, particularly if the Finance Department claims that this is in practice which will deter license fee payers. which meet the requirements of the IRS with the automatic completion of this automated verification.

This is because, as PÚBLICO has already reported, that being just a consumer Revolut removes your delivery capability through the Automatic IRS. The possibility may still be available as, in theory, a taxpayer would meet the requirements for being deliverable in this way, but typically does not comply because there is a t to be reported. And this is the only way to pay a fine for reporting errors.

“With new technology-related revenues, the challenges in the Tax Administration will come apace in reviewing these circumstances, so it will be clarified as soon as possible,” reads the Financial Statement. .

Revolut has a claim for smartphones, linked to a corporate banking card that relates to the debt card or credit of the current audit account of a bank in Portugal and that operates as a bank. wages. "The money for a Portuguese card to pay this money or to raise money in another country."

Because IRS Portuguese rules make taxpayers who have received income outside the borders of Portugal or who are custodians, the beneficiaries or are permitted to run deposit accounts, t in a financial institution that does not reside in Portugal or an outlying branch of Portugal's land "The resident financial institution's Portuguese section must terminate on Schedule 11 of Annex J of the IRS statement, this is t The committee also meets those who have a Revolut account, meaning taxpayers who hear Republican.

“Every country must have its own bank account, and all the details, whatever its value, is disclosed in the IRS,” said PwC solicitor Ana Duarte. The point is probably not noticed. Many of these are given and even those who submit even through the IRS Auto philosophy are not given Jorge Carrapiço, a consultant to the Verified Accountants Order, also suits the Police. t that this duty applies regardless of whether the person has an income for the purpose of trading or not, that is sufficient to have the account outside the borders of Portugal.

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