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Silent Hills | PS4 demo already available on PC

Although the Switch is a huge success of Nintendo currently, the company has not yet left its other line of laptops aside.

In fact, they even announced some models

Taking advantage of his friendship with Microsoft, a model inspired by Minecraft was one of the versions released today.

2DS XL which until then had only a few different variations. ]

Aside from this, the Big N also showed a 2DS XL of Animal Crossing very beautiful and coming with the newest game of the series (New Leaf) installed on the console.

Finally, the company released a third model based on Mario Kart 7 which only uses the normal design of the 2DS XL, but with the classic colors of gam

There are still no information on when these models will be released in the West, but it should not take long for Nintendo to divulge these details. to play silent hills

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