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Researchers can leave invisible object in laboratory

Who never dreamed of having invisibility as a superpower? If it depends on the researchers of the National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) in Montreal, Canada, this dream is not far from becoming a reality. The team, led by Professor José Azaña, achieved the feat of making a small object invisible by being illuminated with full-spectrum light.

It is not the first time that objects are made invisible in the laboratory, since , at certain frequencies of light, such as red, made objects completely impossible to see. However, it is the first time anyone can make an object invisible no matter what frequency the color spectrum is exposed to. "The problem is that the different colors or frequencies of the spectrum of light require different intervals of time to pass through the invisibility device. As a result, the temporal distortion created around the device reveals its presence, ruining the invisibility effect, "explains Professor Azaña.

The advantages of being invisible

Montreal researchers have managed to leave a completely invisible object (Photo: Vince Fleming / Unsplash)

The differential of the study of Azaña's team is that waves propagate through the object, not around it. In this way, such distortions are undetectable to the human eye.

The key is to shift, first of all, the frequencies of light to regions of the spectrum that will not be affected by the reflection or absorption of light by the object becoming invisible. Thus, if the object is green, for example, it is because it reflects waves of frequency that are consistent with the green color. Researchers shift the light from these frequencies to blue so that when the object is illuminated, there will be no bundles of green color to be reflected. When there is no green-frequency light toward the object, the invisibility device undoes the change that caused the waves to shift.

Immediate applications

Communications expert and Professor of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Carlos Rodríguez Fernández-Pousa explains that the object to be hidden or the invisibility device itself is detected. innovation has immediate applications in the field of telecommunications: "For example, with the reorganization of the signal energy spectrum there would be a reduction in interference, noise and signal dispersion, as well as other undesired effects that affect data transmission today."

But the Montreal team is not satisfied and is working on the next phase of the research: "We are working on the generalization of the equations to make an object invisible in two dimensions.And if possible, we want to someday get to three-dimensional macro objects waves, "says Azaña.

Waves other than electromagnetic waves also respond to the techniques used by the team. This means that, in later stages of the study, innovations can be applied in thermal and acoustic insulation, or even render entire buildings invisible to earthquakes, which are nothing more than mechanical waves.

Source: El País

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