More than 600 Portuguese have asked the State to study electricity

Oh Portal is encouraged by the state to invest in an electric vehicle, as published in Di da da República at the beginning of the month. According to the latest data from the Environmental Fund, the Government has already received 611 applications for checks for automobiles and 156 for bikes.

Anyone buying a 100% electric car will get an extra 3,000 euro check – you can find out more about how to request this support. In an electric bicycle case, the support is 250 euro. The amounts are limited to one incentive in each candidate.

Together with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Environment Fund is the agency responsible for making checks and features from the 611 applications submitted so far, which are not included. There were only two people left.

What is the reason for this benefit? "Continue to implement measures to accelerate other accelerated and accelerated energy acceleration to the environment, such as 100% electricity extraction, providing the clear contribution to air quality development, reducing noise and defrosting," read on page of that Fund.

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