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iOS 12 developer beta 3 for iPhone and iPad is now available … and not only!

Apple is on a good pace to update the new iOS 12. Two weeks after the release of the second beta, iOS 12 beta 3 just arrived . Also betas 3 have been released for the tvOS 12 and watchOS 5 systems.

The hope is that it will correct some bugs, bring improvements and stability. Apple has released the third set of betas since its inception, and Apple has announced the third set of betas . Introduction to WWDC 2018, code for new builds can be purchased from the Apple Developer Center, or for devices enrolled in the testing program, such as Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. Apple released its first public betas for iOS 12 and tvOS 12 on Monday and then on Tuesday released the first public beta for the MacOS Mojave.

The third beta of iOS 12 won the number 16A5318d, from 16A5308e of the second beta.

Apple is working on a more useful iOS 12 for older iOS device users, with a focus on improving the performance of existing iPads and iPhones. Digital health is also a focal point in iOS 12, with new tools, including Screen Time, that we leave here quite detailed information:

Changes have been made to native, traditional apps such as: weather,

We are already seeing more Augmented Reality in these apps, such as the Measure app (which can be found in the App Store). will surely be called Measurement in Portuguese) that takes advantage of ARKit to measure the dimensions of objects in 3D space. IPad owners can expect iPhone-inspired gestures and notification grouping, there is also support for third-party maps in CarPlay, Siri invocation shortcuts, FaceTime group calls, and MeMoji.

will be released in the final version, there towards the end of September, but we can already try out in the test phase.

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