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Ecuador's Justice orders pre-trial detention of former President Rafael Correa

Former leader accused of involvement in attempted kidnapping of opposition MP in Colombia in 2012

                              [Correa] is accused of failing to appear at a press conference [El Salvador] [El Salvador] [Correa] [El Salvador] [Corruption] [Corruption] [Corruption] [Corruption] [Corruption] [Corruption] Ecuador decreed on Tuesday (3) the preventive custody of the former president Rafael Correa who lives in Ecuador in in Belgium in 2012.

Judge Daniela Camacho "denies request for revision of precautionary measures to the defense of the ex-president Rafael Correa, decides to impose preventive detention on him and issues red alert to Interpol, "said the National Court of Justice (CNJ) on Twitter

Camacho accepted the requests of Attorney General Paúl Pérez, who reported Correa "by criminal association

The case involves the former congressman Fernando Balda the target of an attempted kidnapping allegedly ordered by Correa

Balda, ex a member of the Patriotic Society Party (PSP), states that he was in Bogotá in 2012 when five people put him in a car, which Colombian police intercepted by blocking the kidnapping.

In the same case, three agents of Intelligence and a former police commander, and there is a request for arrest against a former head of the National Intelligence Secretariat who is in Spain and whose extradition was requested by Ecuador.

The Prosecutor's Office argued that Correa had failed to appear before a court Ecuadorian territory every 15 days, counted from July 2.

On Monday (2), Correa presented himself to the Ecuadorian consulate in Brussels, where he has lived since leaving power in May 20

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The former president considers that his presentation complies with international conventions and laws to exercise his rights as an Ecuadorian resident abroad.

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