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Cristiano Ronaldo recover from injury through acupuncture

The use of acupuncture in sports associated with Western medicine has been a recurring practice, mainly in the prevention and treatment of various injuries among high-performance athletes. The latest example, of the athlete Cristiano Ronaldo, shows that same. The Real Madrid player has recourse to Acupuncture, as a complement to the recovery of his recent right ankle injury according to what has been advanced in the Spanish press.

"The benefits of this treatment in sports injuries has shown very positive results, taking into account that acts directly on muscle recovery, reducing pain and guarantees the necessary tranquility before competitions "says Hélder Flor, specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Helder Flor Clinics

High competition sport requires a maximum effort of the athlete, with the application of intense physical loads, which cause wear and tear and often result in injuries.

Acupuncture improves, in general, the performance of the athlete, works on improving blood circulation Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the most effective ways of preventing injuries and other pathologies associated with intense exertion. , in the reduction of fatigue and aid in the increase of the general energy of the organism. This treatment stimulates the production of endorphins and steroids, powerful natural painkillers and anti-inflammatories which relieve pain and reduce hematoma. Its relaxing action acts directly on muscles and tendons and accelerates the healing of tissues.

"It is common for high-level athletes to seek our acupuncture treatments as an alternative technique to their recovery, to ensure a better physical condition for the his training plan, "explains Hélder Flor," In addition to other interventions in prevention, acupuncture is a strong ally for those who practice any type of physical activity working in other areas such as the immune system, the quality of rest and the balance of the body's energy, "concludes the expert

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