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Catarina Martins asks the deputies of the PS "cold head" against "blackmail" of labor law

The coordinator of the BE appealed to PS members to keep a cool head against the blackmail of changes to the labor legislation, promoting the fight against precariousness, as a combination in the last two years. "The challenge that is now on the table is for PS members to keep a cool head against blackmail, committed to the path they have taken so far, and to vote against all measures that increase precariousness.

The leader of BE was speaking at a public session in Lisbon, under the theme "Valuing the Work", precisely on the labor law, after agreement of the PS Government in social dialogue and whose proposals will be debated on Friday in parliament along with BE, PCP, PEV, PAN and possibly PS initiatives, although the legislative package may not be voted on immediately. The Socialist parliamentary leader also said today that there is still time for "parliamentary conciliation."

"And let us vote in favor, as we have agreed, of all measures that fight against precariousness.We adopt measures that increase precariousness, such as the increase in the probationary period or informal contracts, and jointly approve the measures which combat it, such as the limitation of fixed-term contracts and temporary work, all measures which may be an effective improvement in the living conditions of workers in the labor market.

The bloquist leader defended that "who legislates on work is the parliament" and "what comes from the social conciliation does not limit it", revealing that the BE was even surprised by the agreement [do Governo] with the trustee, with the UGT muleta. "

The labor agreement between the social partners was closed on May 30 and formally signed on Monday at the Economic and Social Council (CES) by the four employers' confederations – CIP, CCP, CTP and CAP – and the UGT, but the CGTP was excluded because it considered that the document "perpetuates precariousness."

Among the measures are the extinction of the time bank term contracts limited to two years, the introduction of an additional fee for the Single Social Tax (TSU) to penalize companies that abuse fixed-term employment and the extension of the trial period to six months for

In the event promoted by the bloquistas also participated the former militant of the PCP and former secretary general of the CGTP, for more than 20 years, Carvalho da Silva, who also expressed opposition to the concerned.

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